Pokemon gets New Titles in 2018

Pokemon is getting three new titles in 2018 with the first two being new manga.  In the Spring Pokemon Sun & Moon will be released and then in the Summer Pokemon Horizon: Sun & Moon will follow close behind.  Another title for the summer is just a single book for Pokemon crafts entitled PomPom Pokemon.  As big as Pokemon is these are titles many will want to put in their personal collections and public libraries will want to consider adding them to their collections as well.  Thanks to ICv2 for the info and image.

Go Catch more Pokemon!

Pokemon Go has introduced more Pokemon to their App.  Now you get to catch Pokemon from the Johto region.  Have fun catching them all.  Here’s the video from IGN’s YouTube channel:

Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer


Pokemon is still rolling out the product for this year.  The next round of games are Pokemon Sun and Moon that everyone will be looking for come November 18.  Thanks to IGN’s YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Pokemon Go! Skit from Nerd Barrage

nerd barrage logo

Wanted to give a shout out to our new friends over at Nerd Barrage, especially Jennifer.  We were able to meet Jennifer at this past AFW convention and had a fun time visiting.  The skit is one that she edited together with the hosts trying to sway her to join their team on Pokemon Go!  Who will Jennifer decide to join up with?!  Shocking!  Have fun with the skit below and check out their YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKNzMIMrfXjfK8INwY0_Nnw  )for more videos – Richard:

More Pokemon to Catch!

Pokemon Genpokemon chest

November will see additional Pokemon hitting store shelves.  The Pokemon: Mythical Pokemon Collection: Genesect Pin Box and the Pokemon Collector Chest will be available for gamers and collectors to add to your collections.  The Genesect Pin Box will have a new promo card featuring Genesect, a pin, and two booster packs.  The Collector Chest will contain the tin, Pokemon coin, two sticker sheets, a mini-album, a Pokemon notepad, four pencils, five booster packs, and three foil promo cards featuring: Volcanion; Magearna; and Shiny Mega Gengar-EX.

Pokemon Gearing up for more TCG Releases


Start saving your money if you are a TCG collector and specifically a Pokemon TCG collector.  Pokemon USA has announced 4 additional releases for August and September.  We will hit the first three first and then the pictured set above last.  Three of the sets will be: 1) Pokemon: Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Mythical Pokemon Volcanion 3-pack Pin Blister, which will contain 3 booster packs and 1 or 2 collector pins – the release date is August 24 with a MSRP of $14.99; 2) Mythical Pokemon Collection – Victini, which will contain 2 Pokemon Generations booster packs, a collector pin, and a promo foil card of Victini – the release date is September 1 with a MSRP of $12.99; and 3) Pokemon Red & Blue Collection – Pikachu-EX, which will contain 4 Pokemon Generations booster packs, a sculpted Pikachu figure and a promo foil card of Pikachu-EX – the release date is September 14 with a MSRP of $24.99.

The big daddy is pictured above and will be released on September 14 and it is the Pokemon 20th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box.  It will contain 10 Pokemon Generations booster packs, 65 black and gold card sleeves with 20th Anniversary logo, 45 Energy cards with a new look, a players guide, 6 damage counter dice, 1 coin-flip die, 2 acrylic condition markders, a collectors box, and a foil promo card of Shaymin-EX.  This set will have a MSRP of 49.99.

More Pokemon Coming


Pokemon keeps rolling!  It has been announced with the video below, from Pokemon’s YouTube channel, that in late 2016 the Nintendo 3DS will have Pokemon Sun and Moon released for game play.  I can see several more announcements in the future for this property, which is a proven success.

Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary Ad Early


The 20th Anniversary full ad that will be running during Super Bowl 50 has already been posted on Pokemon’s website.  So if you don’t want to see it yet and want to wait until the Super Bowl don’t watch the video below…You’ve been warned.  Thanks again to The Official Pokemon Channel for the video:

20th Anniversary for Pokemon


ICv2 is reporting that the Pokemon Company has purchased air time for a Pokemon commercial during Super Bowl 50.  This ad will kickoff the 20th Anniversary for Pokemon.  The Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube has begun streaming the below add, but it is unclear if the same ad will be the one airing during Super Bowl 50, I kind of think they would have a different one for that after spending that much money for air time.  The company is also declaring February 27th as Pokemon Day with several things happening.  Here is the link to ICv2 for more details: http://icv2.com/articles/news/view/33466/super-bowl-50-spot-kicks-off-pokemon-20th  Keep your eyes sharp and ears tuned in for special events during this year.  So to Pokemon fans and the Pokemon Company happy 20th Anniversary!