Go Catch more Pokemon!

Pokemon Go has introduced more Pokemon to their App.  Now you get to catch Pokemon from the Johto region.  Have fun catching them all.  Here’s the video from IGN’s YouTube channel:

Pokemon Go! Skit from Nerd Barrage

nerd barrage logo

Wanted to give a shout out to our new friends over at Nerd Barrage, especially Jennifer.  We were able to meet Jennifer at this past AFW convention and had a fun time visiting.  The skit is one that she edited together with the hosts trying to sway her to join their team on Pokemon Go!  Who will Jennifer decide to join up with?!  Shocking!  Have fun with the skit below and check out their YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKNzMIMrfXjfK8INwY0_Nnw  )for more videos – Richard:

Pokemon Go and Catch Them All!


Part of the ComicPop Crew was at AnimeFest Wichita when the Pokemon Go App went live.  Everyone is having a blast with this.  If you haven’t downloaded the App yet go grab it and join in on the fun.  Mine unfortunately isn’t working properly with my phone but that shouldn’t stop you.  You know you “Gotta Catch Them All!”  Thanks to IGN’s YouTube channel for the trailer:

Pokemon GO App Coming in 2016


The Pokemon Company is developing a Pokemon App with Nintendo GAME FREAK called Pokemon GO as part of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary in 2016.  The game will also have a Pokeman GO Plus wrist device that will notify you of activity in the game for if a Pokemon is in your area, but the device will not be a necessity to play the game.  The device is pictured above and check out the cool commercial that is available through the Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube.  I know Logan, Luis, and Jonathon, Co-Hosts of our podcasts, are going to love this: