PEP Shares Their Music Video for “Get Physical”

We had a great time listening to PEP’s single “Get Physical” with it’s tribal beat and call back to music of the 1950’s.  Now PEP is sharing with us their music video for “Get Physical” and it’s just as fun as the single.  The music video in my opinion pays homage to the sleepover scene in Grease (and if you haven’t seen Grease go watch it!).  So take some time to watch PEP’s “Get Physical” music video, through their YouTube channel and be transported back in time – Richard:

PEP latest single “Get Physical”

PEP wants everyone to enjoy their single “Get Physical”.  If PEP’s sound is consistent with what they are doing with “Get Physical” they could be a fun group for me to listen to.  The group has a few different styles going on with this single.  They have a tribal beat going on that you would hear in something like The Lion King, but when they verse comes in I automatically go back to the ’50’s and thinking of how the Shangri-Las sang with “Leader of the Pack”.  Then with the chorus you get a pop feel that gives you a ’70’s vibe.  It doesn’t seem like all of these types of music would work, but it does and I’m eager to hear what PEP does next.  Here’s “Get Physical”, by PEP, through SoundCloud – Richard: