Oparu’s Lyric Video for “The Deep End”

“The Deep End” takes one on a journey like all relationships are.  Oparu gives us a 1990’s style single with the powerful instrumentals and electronic sound.  When she goes into the chorus of the single the music swells up over her sound as she is singing “deep end”.  For this song I believe that might be intentional, because in the deep end you tend to struggle as the water is washing over you, very nice symbolism.  The lyric video takes you on a journey as well through waterways and city scapes.   All around a very nice sound.  Here’s Oparu’s lyric video for “The Deep End” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Oparu’s Single “Remember Me”

Oparu is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her atmospheric single “Remember Me”.  The single is one that has a hypnotic rhythm to it and puts one in a state of reflection.  Everyone wants to be remembered and Oparu puts that cry in song.  The vocals give this single an ethereal feel as well that fits well with the instrumentals.  Here’s Oparu’s “Remember Me” through SoundCloud – Richard: