Mischief Night’s Music Video for “With Me, Now”

Mischief Night is sharing with our listeners their music video for “With Me, Now”.  “With Me, Now” is playing to a more niche market which I believe Mischief Night realizes and are embracing with their music.  When I listen to “With Me, Now” I get this psychedelic/folk/bohemian mix and their music video for the single kind of captures that free artistic range as well with the purposefully rendered low end stop motion spliced with live footage of the band that almost feels like old 8mm film.  I enjoy that they are bringing in a variety of instruments, but with their softer voices they will need to watch out for their instrumentals overpowering them.  Check out Mischief Night’s music video for “With Me, Now” for something new that you might like through Marcus Kitchen’s YouTube channel- Richard: