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May 18

Star Trek Discovery Trailer

For all our Star Trek fans and science fiction fans in general here’s the latest trailer for Star Trek Discovery.  CBS All Access falls in the same category as the Netflix series that Marvel has on that platform.  We, as a family, have chosen not to do the multi-platforms and just hope they shows will …

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May 11

Defenders Trailer

. Netflix is getting ready for the Defenders event.  Check out the trailer for Marvel’s Defenders, from Netflix’ YouTube channel, looks nice:

Apr 20

Cloak & Dagger Trailer

Here’s one I didn’t think I would see as a TV series, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.  The trailer says it is coming to FreeForm in 2018, since Disney owns that channel.  They are playing it up as a young adult drama, but to me this would have been one that would have fit in the …

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Mar 23

Death Note Teaser Trailer

Being a fan of the Death Note manga, anime, and live action film I’ll just have to wait and see how NetFlix will be interpreting Death Note.  Here is Death Note’s teaser trailer through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Oct 10

Marvel’s Iron Fist Trailer

Netflix has begun streaming the trailer to Iron Fist after it debuted at New York Comic Con.  Here’s the trailer from Netflix’ YouTube channel:

Jul 25

Iron Fist Teaser Trailer

To go along with the previous trailer…You can’t have Power Man (Luke Cage) without Iron Fist so it’s only natural that Netflix has the teaser for Iron Fist.  Thanks again to Netflix’ YouTube channel for the teaser:

Jul 25

Luke Cage Trailer

Netflix is adding another Marvel title, Luke Cage, to their growing list.  All I can say is that right now it’s fun to see all of this comic book love.  Thanks to Netflix’ YouTube channel for the trailer:

Jun 06

Voltron: Legendary Defender Trailer

Is everyone ready for Netflix’ new DreamWorks Animation series Voltron: Legendary Defender.  It’s out this week for all that have the joy of Netflix.  Thanks to Netflix’ YouTube channel for the trailer:

Mar 29

Netflix sets Date for Voltron Series

Netflix is getting another exclusive animation series.  This time it’s Voltron: Legendary Defender.  DreamWorks is producing the series and they have a debut date of June 10.  So all of you Netflix subscribers mark your calendars.  Thanks to moviemanicsDE for the following trailer that was shown at WonderCon:

Mar 17

Newest Daredevil Trailer

Are you ready for March 18?  The new season of Daredevil gets it start on NetFlix then.  Here is the newest trailer which features Elektra and The Hand more prominently from NetFlix’ YouTube channel:

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