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Mar 03

Trapdoor Social’s Single “Never Stop Listening”

Trapdoor Social is sharing with our listeners their latest single “Never Stop Listening”.  Music and politics have been intertwined since I can remember.  With the single “Never Stop Listening” the band is adding their voice to a cause they want to draw awareness.  The single itself can be listened to and be referenced in a …

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Feb 03

The Captain’s Son Releases “Walking Around Purposely”

The Captain’s Son is sharing with our listeners their single “Walking Around Purposely”. from their self-titled EP.  This single harkens back to some old school rock/pop sound.  Think of the music back in the 1960’s/1970’s when you would have bands pop up from local garages and play in the high schools or clubs.  The trio …

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Oct 03

Jake Davis Latest Single “So Le Me Go”

Jake Davis is giving our listeners an opportunity to listen to his latest single “So Le Me Go”.  The single still has a little of the electronica feel to it, but it mostly hits the more rock influence within music.  It has that hard drum and guitar beat throughout the song that is every present …

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Jun 06

Rel Gives Everyone an Experience with”Factory”

Rel is giving our listeners a new experience in listening to music with “Factory”.  With all the different sounds hitting me with this single I wasn’t quite sure about it.  As “Factory” continued I really started to appreciate what is being done with the instrumentality of this piece.  Rel’s voice comes through really nice for …

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Apr 21

Givers and Takers Latest “Strangers”

The Givers and Takers are giving to the ComicPop listeners again.  This time the group is sharing the single “Strangers”.  If you remember before with their single “Start the Morning” the band has that slow R&B style with a twinge of Psychedelic to make their sound unique to them.  Check out Givers and Takers “Strangers” …

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Apr 18

Kyle Britton Becomes the “Villain”

The single “Villain” is being shared with our listener’s from Kyle Britton’s upcoming EP Riddle, scheduled for a June 10 release date.  “Villain” kind of feels like an old western ballad at the beginning and then it shifts to a heavier beat.  However, even the the drums heavier beat it feels like war drums.  It’s …

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Mar 22

Nick Valentini Collective Rides the “Carousel”

The Nick Valentini Collective invites the ComicPop listeners to ride the “Carousel”.  This band, as you can tell by the above pic, has many members and they utilize the talents of each to derive their sound.  The single “Carousel” to me has four distinct levels to it.  The first part of the single gives one …

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