Planets Single “Reflections” Feat. Rae Anna Beauford

Planets is a group made up of Matthew Morgan, Christian Haberkern, and Tim Morgan.  These gentlemen are sharing with our listeners the single “Reflections” from their upcoming EP Colors Alive.  This EP was originally going to be a instrumental release, but as chance would happen the band got to know Rae Anna Beauford through their Facebook page and YouTube and began working with her to be the vocalist for their EP.  “Reflections” is a melodic thoughtful piece and with Rae’s smoky voice it all comes together in smooth sounding single.  Set back a give a listen to “Reflections” by Planets, featuring Rae Anna Beauford through SoundCloud – Richard:

Nozart Releases Story Driven Single “Orphanage”

Nozart is back and this time they are sharing with our listeners their single “Orphanage”.  For fans of songs that are story based, which Logan and I are,  “Orphanage” is made for you.  The opening to this single itself feels like you are opening a book and getting ready to read a story.  The simple rhythm and instruments give this single a fairy tale aspect.  The vocals come through nice and clear and add to the story quality.  It is a slower song, but the quality overcomes that.  We are choosing to show the music video for “Orphanage” from Nozart’s YouTube channel.  One because it is an animated video and we love animation here and two the animation for the music video makes it feel like you are reading a Neil Gaiman story made by Tim Burton.  Props to Noah Kellman on a finely done song and music video.  Here’s Nozart’s “Orphanage” music video – Richard:

Narrow Waves’ Single “Hear Me Out”

Narrow Waves wants you to catch their wave with their single “Hear Me Out”.  This single takes the folk sound and makes it hyper with a fast moving fun beat.  This is one where, for me, the instrumentals take the lead getting the listener pulled into the song and then you take in the lyrics.  The group has released their EP later this year entitled Letters From Another State so be sure to go to your digital vendor of choice to support them.  Until then take a moment and get jacked up with Narrow Waves’ “Hear Me Out” through SoundCloud – Richard: