Ep 77 ComicPop Visits with Cyber PR’s Founder, Ariel Hyatt

Ep 77 ComicPop Visits with Cyber PR’s Founder, Ariel Hyatt

You know all that great music you hear on ComicPop’s website and podcasts.  They come to us by way of music public relation companies.  One such company is Cyber PR.  Ariel Hyatt, the founder of Cyber Pr, takes some time our of her day to visit with the ComicPop Crew about her latest public relations guide, “The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity”, and shares with our listeners, who are budding musicians, the ins and outs of PR and what to expect from a PR company.

What we visited about  in this episode:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity, Ariel Hyatt, Huntercat Press, 2017.

Music clips:

  1. “Strangers Like Me”, Tarzan Soundtrack, Phil Collins, Walt Disney Records, 1999.
  2. “One Call Away”, Nine Track Mind, Charlie Puth, Artist Partner Group, 2016.


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Ep 64 ComicPop Visits with the Cast & Crew of the Star Trek Fan Film Production “Melbourne” Pt 7

Ep 64 ComicPop Visits with the Cast and Crew of the Star Trek Fan Flim Production “Melbourne” Pt 7

Captain on the Bridge!  ComicPop visits with Michael Sylvester on how he became involved with Melbourne a Star Trek fan film production and stepping into the role of the Captain of the ship, Captain Cooper.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “For Too Long Instrumental (Melbourne Theme)”, Perfect Pursuit, 2016.


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