Anousheh’s Music Video for “Bones”

Anousheh sent us her single “Bones” to enjoy this past October.  She and director Hunter Brumfield are now letting our listeners check out her music video for the single.  It’s set in a dystopian world so many of our listeners will enjoy it along with the electronic beat that Anousheh has for the single.  I know I did. So take a look at Anousheh’s music video for her single “Bones” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Zuli’s Music Video for “Kubadiver”

Zuli hits a wide range of emotions in their music video for their single “Kubadiver”.   The single starts out in a slow melodic pace reflective of ballad type songs for the late 1960’s.  Then at around the 1:20 mark the band picks up the pace and you shift into a faster almost bubblegum pop sound and in the video the band is eating cake.  It doesn’t stop there, because this single has a third act and Zuli goes into an even higher gear at around the 2:00 minute mark the video takes on a different tone and so does the single.  At this point of the video the band members get sick and everyone gets to know about it and the video has shifting strobe light effects, so be aware if you are watching this video.  Anyway it’s like the band is saying the bubblegum pop sound is to sugary and they are getting sick of it and they shift into a heavy metal sound.  Very interesting mix of genres and the three movements didn’t bother me and I enjoyed the single.  Here’s Zuli’s music video for “Kubadiver” through their YouTube channnel – Richard:

Ren with the Mane’s Single “Hypnotize”

Ren with the Mane is sharing with our listeners her single “Hypnotize”.  Within this single I love the drum beat and the bird calls that make you feel like you are in a jungle.  It’s just a great illusion that is placed in you mind as you listen to Ren.  “Hypnotize” is a slower song, but the drums and strong bass beat keep the single moving forward to its climatic end.  About two thirds of the way into the single the instrumentals swell into a grand sound with additional instruments coming into play.  With Ren’s smoky voice she captures the listener and takes you on a journey.  Here’s Ren with the Mane’s single “Hypnotize” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Blond Ambition’s Music Video for “Stupid Boy/Girl”

Blond Ambition is sharing with our listeners again.  This time they are letting us view their music video for their single “StupidBoy/Girl”.  This single is a mixture of feelings.  You get the upbeat catchy rhythm of the song, but the message that is being relayed has a serious tone about acceptability.  The music video shows many beautiful people enjoying themselves with their life, but it is hard for so many people to get to that level.  The single, as stated earlier, brings that home because of pressures in society it takes many quite a while to be happy with themselves and in this song the “person” that is “talking” realizes it was stupid to conform at the expense of your happiness.  It will be a better world when we as a people are acceptable of everyone.   “Stupid Boy/Girl” is from Blond Ambition’s Slow All Over LP which is available now, but first enjoy their music video through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Blonde Ambition’s Single “Good News”

Blonde Ambition is sharing with our listeners their single “Good News”.  The single is a little bit slower in beat, but still gets your interest with the styling the group uses.  To me it is really reminiscent to the 1990’s and something that you would hear from George Michael.  Really nice work and I’m definitely interested to hear more.  So check out “Good News” from Blonde Ambition’s Slow All Over LP, that you can look for from your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Major Love Event Releases “Sandy Sound” Single

Major Love Event is a group based out of Portland, OR that is sharing their single “Sandy Sound”.  The way this single is constructed, with a staccato beat, gives the verses a poppy sound and then it goes into a more flowing sound for the chorus.  With this type of rhythm, being so catchy, it makes the listener almost unconsciously bob their head.  Here’s Major Love Event’s, “Sandy Sound” single, through SoundCloud, from their self titled album, due out June 16 – Richard:

Monogold’s Music Video for “Naked”

Monogold is sharing with our listeners their second music video.  This one is for their single “Naked”.  The single and music video remind me the early 1990’s.  The rhythm of the single just carries that feel with it and the singers blending with the instruments is the same 1990’s feel.  The music video has a vibe that seems to be an homage to the film Benny & Joon from the 1990’s as well.  I get this vibe because of the look and quirks of the lead in the video.  If you dig Monogold be sure to look for their EP Yolk available through digital vendors.  Here’s Monogold’s music video for their single “Naked” through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Justin Lacy’s New Single “Sealed”

Justin Lacy is sharing with our listeners his new single “Sealed” off his second album entitled Control Burn.  Justin has the folk feel down and I love the bass beat he has going through the single which is interspersed with a light sound that he pulls off with an acoustic guitar.  Justin has one of those voices that reminds me of how Bob Dylan sang.  Here’s Justin Lacy’s “Sealed” through SoundCloud for you to check out and then you can go to your digital vendor of choice to give him some love by purchasing his Control Burn album that is available now – Richard:

Typhoid Rosie’s Music Video for “Baby I Want You”

Typhoid Rosie is keeping with their style of dark rock.  Just having Typhoid in the name you kind of now what you are in for.  They give you that driving rock sound in their single “Baby I Want You” that doesn’t necessarily say the single is dark, but when coupled with the music video it give you that dark vibe from the beginning and you get into a Dolores Claiborne type of kidnapping were the love is one sided and disturbing.  You can tell Typhoid Rosie had fun with this video, which allows the viewer to watch it with the dark humor respected.  Here’s Typhoid Rosie’s music video for “Baby I Want You” through Rosie Rebel’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Blue Cactus’ “I Never Knew Heartache” Music Video

Blue Cactus is sharing with us their debut music video for their single “I Never Knew Heartache”.  This one is for all the waltz lovers out there.  Blue Cactus dives deep into the roots of country/western music for this nostalgic feel for “I Never Knew Heartache”.  Even the music video takes you back to the earlier ’70’s, before the transition to the more modern country sound that was developing.  Blue Cactus is aiming for a late February, early March release of their self-titled album so if you enjoy the country/western vibe this might be one for you.  Here’s the music video for “I Never Knew Heartache” from Blue Catcus’ YouTube channel – Richard: