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Feb 21

Blue Cactus’ “I Never Knew Heartache” Music Video

Blue Cactus is sharing with us their debut music video for their single “I Never Knew Heartache”.  This one is for all the waltz lovers out there.  Blue Cactus dives deep into the roots of country/western music for this nostalgic feel for “I Never Knew Heartache”.  Even the music video takes you back to the …

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Feb 10

Uruguay’s Debut Music Video for “Sabrina Segment”

Uruguay is sharing with our listeners their debut music video for “Sabrina Segment”.  This single has a very soulful feel to it and with the drumbeat, along with the images of the music video, feels like a heart beat.  There is no harshness to the single, but you feel a desperation within “Sabrina Segment”.  The …

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Feb 08

Gold Casio’s Single “Socialites and Singer Types”

Talk about a flashback.  Gold Casio is sharing with us their disco inspired single “Socialites and Singer Types”.  I couldn’t keep the smile off my face while listening to this.  “Socialites and Singer Types” has all the hallmarks of a ’70” disco song, but it’s lyrics have modern day reflections.  Even the groups name has …

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Feb 03

People the Kangaroo Music Video for “The Death of You”

People The Kangaroo is sharing with our listeners their latest music video for the single “The Death of You”.  This single is pure electro/pop that has a fun rhythm to it.  The vocals blend in with the instrumentals, but the vocals hover just enough above that you can still enjoy them.  The music video is …

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Feb 01

Don DiLego’s Music Video for “Idiot Heart”

Today Don DiLego is treating our listeners to his music video for the folk/country ballad “Idiot Heart”.  This tune has a very somber tone to it, but it is delivered in a way that captures the listener.  Don’s voice fits the style really well and I am definitely interested in more from his album Magnificent …

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Jan 26

Anousheh Wants to “Get To You”

Another strong outing by Anousheh with her latest electro/pop single “Get to You”.  Anousheh continues with her catchy rhythms and strong voice.  You can definitely feel a 1990’s influence with this single.  The first thing that popped into my head upon listening to “Get to You” is that reminded me of something Belinda Carlisle would …

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Jan 14

REN’s Latest Single “Give It All Up”

REN is sharing with our listeners her latest single “Give It All Up”.  REN gives us an electro/pop single that would be comfortable in any dance club.  The vocals are strong enough that the instrumentals don’t over power her.  The balance is well done.  So enjoy REN’s “Give It All Up” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jan 10

Monogold’s Music Video for “Lovebug”

Monogold is sharing with the ComicPop listeners the music video for their single “Lovebug”.  The video has a throwback feel for those home videos that several families made.  This is one past time my family didn’t partake in we didn’t even do much in the way of pictures.  With this single Monogold blends their higher …

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Dec 02

Rosebug’s Debut Single “I Am the One”

Rosebug is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their debut single, “I Am the One” from their album Worst Way.  “I Am the One” has an ethereal feel to it.  I can here shades of Enya and Cindi Lauper with a touch of psychedelic to boot.  Rosebug is certainly playing to a niche market, but give …

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Dec 01

The Pinkerton Raid has a “Ghost In My Bed”

The Pinkerton Raid is sharing with our listeners their single “Ghost in My Bed”.  The band has a very early Americana feel to it.  The sound of “Ghost in My Bed” has a little bit of tinny sound to it, which is why I say it has an early Americana feel to the single.  The …

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