Town Meeting’s Single “West of Seattle”

I wish all town meetings could be this way.  The folk/americana band Town Meeting is sharing with our listeners their single “West of Seattle”.  The single starts out as a simple folk sound.  Then when the vocals come in you get transported back to the late 1960’s -1970’s, when folk/americana was in it’s heyday with the variety of artists like John Denver and Bob Dylan.  Town Meeting has a nice clean sound that fits the genre well and will appeal to listeners.  They just came out with their EP Geography, Part 1 that “West of Seattle” is on, so be sure to look them up on your digital vendor of choice and while you’re doing that Town Meeting wants you to enjoy their single “West of Seattle” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Psychocide’s Music Video for “Mr. Suit”

Psychocide is slamming it with their hard rock/psychedelic style.  The group’s album, Alcohol & Bad Decisions, is available now that you can find at your digital vendor of choice.  Psychocide is sharing with us their music video for their single “Mr. Suit” which takes on the adage of what goes around comes around.  I am definitely interested in checking out the rest of the album after hearing “Mr. Suit” and I think any hard rock fan will.  Here’s Psychocide’s music video “Mr. Suit” through their YouTube channel – Richard: