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Mar 21

X-Men ResurrXion at Marvel

All you X-Men fans will either be excited or be business as usual at Marvel Entertainment.  In the coming months Marvel will be releasing several new X-Men related comics under the X-Men ResurrXion banner.  So start saving that money and check out the trailer from Marvel’s YouTube channel:

Mar 13

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Season 2 Trailer

For all you animation fans Disney XD give you the second season of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series.  Here’s the trailer through Marvel’s YouTube channel:

Mar 03

Logan Opens Today

Don’t forget Logan opens today!  Looks good!  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer:

Feb 15

Avengers Infinity War First Look

I know everyone has probably seen this, but it’s just to cool not to have here.  It’s not just that it is the Marvel Universe with Avengers.  It’s also at the very beginning that we find out that Marvel and Sony are still playing nice and we will have Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War.  Very …

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Feb 13

Man-Thing Mini-Series

This is one that many will want to keep their eye out for.  R. L. Stine is writing a Man-Thing mini-series for Marvel.  I will be picking up the floppies for me, but for those that like the collected editions this one will surely hit the market sometime this Summer if not earlier, because the …

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Jan 19

Invincible Iron Man Trailer

Marvel Entertainment latest Iron Man comic Invincible Iron Man.  You know it is almost a guarantee that anything Marvel puts out will eventually be collected into trade, but if you enjoy the single issues be sure to stop by your comic book shop to pick up the latest issues.  Here’s the trailer for Invincible Iron …

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Dec 12

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Looks like Sony and Marvel/Disney are still playing nice, which is good for us.  I’ll definitely be in the theaters to check out Spider-Man Homecoming how about you?  Thanks to Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel for the trailer:

Nov 02

Logan Trailer

Hugh Jackman has said that Logan will more than likely be his last turn at playing Wolverine.  From the looks of the trailer they are taking elements of the Old Man Logan storyline for this movie.  Logan is slated for a March release.  Thanks to Movieclips Trailers YouTube channel for the trailer:

Oct 31

Doctor Strange Trailer

Is everyone ready for this Friday and the release of Marvel’s Doctor Strange.  Thanks to KinoCheck International’s YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Oct 27

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Teaser Trailer

Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is going to be another fun one.  Still love the music and can’t wait to see what they incorporate into this one.  Plus Drax hugging, along with the ending shot of Rocket Raccoon and Groot really eager to see this.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the teaser trailer:

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