Black Panther Final Trailer

So who else is pumped for Black Panther this weekend?  I definitely am!  I don’t watch all the trailers to leave a little mystery, but in this one I saw something that would be cool.  I know it probably isn’t going to be the case, but with Disney looking at acquiring 20th Century Fox it would be neat if they had a crossover like Sony did with Spider-Man.  At around 57 seconds into the trailer there is a character with white hair, it would be so cool if that would be Storm from the X-Men.  Like I said I know it probably isn’t so.  Anyway here’s the final trailer for Black Panther through Movie Trailers Source YouTube channel:

Cloak & Dagger Sneak Peek

Marvel’s YouTube channel is giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming Cloak & Dagger series that will be on Freeform this June.  The scene is basically the opening where the two leads discover their powers, which is different from the comic book origin.  Cloak & Dagger is a strong story about drug use, overdose, and experimenting with new forms of drugs.  Looks like the Freeform series might be taking a little bit different approach, especially if you are a fan of Cloak & Dagger and now how they received their powers in the comic books.  Here’s the sneak peek from Marvel’s Youtube channel:

Punisher Teaser

Netflix is still riding high with Marvel Comics.  Now we get to look forward to Marvel’s Punisher, which looks good.  Here’s the teaser through Netflix’ YouTube channel:

Marvel Teams Up with American Cancer Society

cancer covercancer cover 1

Marvel Comics and the American Cancer Society are teaming up!  In September five Marvel titles will have variant covers to commemorate National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.  The five titles that will have the variant covers are: All-New, All-Different Avengers #14; Captain America: Steve Rogers #6; Captain Marvel #9; Invincible Iron Man #13; and Mighty Thor #11.  So if you are a comic collector and like variant covers you might want to visit you local comic book store to see if you can get the covers.  Thanks to ICv2’s Nicole Bunge for the update.

Deadpool Trailer


April showed me the Deadpool Red Band trailer, but for for the site I figured I would show the 2nd trailer and you guys can go check out the red band trailer.  Deadpool definitely fits better with Ryan Reynolds style of acting and it was nice to see they are tying the movie into the X-Men movies.  Thanks to 20th Century Fox’s YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Captain America Special


ABC has announced that for Captain America’s 75th Anniversary that they will be airing – Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years.  This special will give the history of the character through the years.  The special will air Tuesday, January 19.  So check you listings for your time.

Daredevil is Almost Here


For everyone that has Netflix the wait is almost over for Marvel’s Daredevil.  Sadly I am one of those that do not subscribe to Netflix.  I’m thinking it will come out on DVD eventually and I’ll catch it that way…I can wait.  Anyway here is the latest trailer from NetFlix through CBR Trailers YouTube channel:

Original Sin Marvel Trailer


Get ready for the Original Sin storyline from Marvel Comics to be hitting the collected Hard Cover and Trade editions.  Check out the trailer from the “Marvel UK” channel on YouTube: