Magic’s Gift Pack’s

Wizards of the Coast are gearing up for the holiday’s with their Magic Gift Packs.  The packs will contain: a booster pack of Amonkhet, Hour of Devestation, and Ixalan; 5 foil “shooting star” lands; 1 foil “Kari Zeb; 1 foil “Skyship Raider”; 1 foil “Metalwork Colossus; and a spindown counter for a suggested price of $20.00.  The package is designed like the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! gift packs so it will attract gift buyers.  So if you are into Magic tell you family that they can look for this to pick up for you.  Thanks to ICv2 for letting us know about this holiday gift idea.

Magic’s New Quest Begins

Magic: the Gathering fans and CCG collectors alike will be interested in this bit of news.  The next phase of the Magic game will be released in three parts.  The first part will be entitled Magic: The Gathering–Theros and it will be released September 27.  The set will be a 249 cards set that focuses on Greek mythology and will be available to purchase in Booster Packs, Intro Packs, Event Decks, and Fat Packs.  The two other parts will be released in 2014.  The second part is scheduled for a February release entitled Born of the Gods and the third part is scheduled for a May release entitled Journey Into Nyx.  So everyone start making plans on how to work you budgets to obtain these new releases.


New TCG for Marvel

This might be one Trading Card Game libraries will be interested in that have gaming collections and tournaments.  Upper Deck is working on a Marvel Universe deck building game.  It is being designed by Devin Low, formerly of Magic: The Gathering.  This game is fairly familiar in that players will battle each other, but it has one twist, the game itself has built in villains that attack the players trying to destroy them.  No release date is scheduled yet and the working title is Legendary.