Matt LeGrand’s Single “What Christmas Means to Me” Cover

Matt LeGrand give us an upbeat Christmas song for the season.  Matt has taken Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means To Me” to cover and share with us.  This is just a fun single that gets one in the mood for the holidays.  With the pop feel the single is light and infectious and is a great way to enjoy the season.  You can’t beat a feel good song and Matt delivers with this single.  So take a moment and enjoy Matt LeGrand’s music video for his cover of Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means To Me” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

TJ Stafford’s Music Video for “Catch”

TJ Stafford is sharing with our listeners his music video for his single “Catch”.  TJ gives us a single that has a storytelling element to it and that carries over into the music video.  It might be a slower single, but it’s the story that will hold you with the way TJ sings.  TJ does have a softer voice that blends with the instrumentals easily.  Here’s TJ Stafford’s music video for “Catch” through his YouTube channel:

The Lavender Scare’s Single “Drag for a Queen”

The Lavender Scare is sharing with us their single “Drag for a Queen”.  The style of this single is very much in the tradition of what you might hear coming out of the theater or more specifically the cabaret.  With this being my only experience with the duos music I’m unsure if they will continue with this style or develop other sounds.  This is a very specific style, but The Lavender Scare hits it on the mark.  Here’s The Lavender Scare’s “Drag for A Queen” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Kris Angelis’ Music Video for “Kevin Bacon”

Kris Angelis has given everyone a fun catchy song to enjoy with her “Kevin Bacon” single.  Then along with it she, with director Emma Bell, produced a very fun Footloose homage music video for the single for everyone to enjoy.  This single is placed in the country/pop arena with Kris’ voice shinning through.  You can tell she had fun singing and filming the video for this single.  If they haven’t had Kevin Bacon watch this video they definitely need to, I think he would appreciate it.  Very interested in listening to her EP Heartbreak is Contagious that everyone can download from their digital vendor of choice.  And you know I have to mention the Wonder Woman penciling in the background in the boyfriends bedroom wall, I would love to have that for my collection.  Anyway kick back and have a fun time watching and listening to Kris Angelis’ single “Kevin Bacon” through her YouTube channel – Richard

Charlotte Bash’s Latest Single “Labeled”

Charlotte Bash is giving us another single for our listeners the check out.  This time it is her single “Labeled”, from her Princess Game LP.  Charlotte still gives us her strong voice in a song that reminds everyone it is alright to be yourself.  Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be.  Throughout the single she has a nice base beat going in and out to help “drive” the message home.  Then she has Anye Elite come in with a nice feature at the end of the single to show differences aren’t bad and in this case the different styles of music are complementary and create a great sound.  Here’s Charlotte Bash’s “Labeled” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Charlotte Bash’s “Leave” Music Video

Charlotte Bash is having some fun with her Princess Game LP.  This really comes through in her music video for her single, from the album, “Leave”.  In the video and as you can tell by the album photo that she is dressing up in some fun elaborate costumes.  Charlotte’s voice has a smooth Alto quality that flows with her single.  “Leave” has a catchy rhythm that will pull you in, but Charlotte’s voice is the main focus that will capture you.  Her album Princess Game is available from your digital vendor of choice, but to tie you over until you can get there, here’s Charlotte Bash’s music video for “Leave” – Richard:

Omar Alhindi Single “Don’t Take My Love Away”

Omar Alhindi is sharing with our listener’s his latest single.  In “Don’t Take My Love Away” he gives a solid performance.  From the instruments to his voice it is all clicking.  It also has a smooth flow to it that washes over the listener.  When listening to the single I went to Hall & Oates in style, it really reminded me of something they would do and Omar’s voice is similar to Hall’s as well.  “Don’t Take My Love Away” is from Omar’s debut album Bedhead Part 1 that you should be able to locate on your digital vendor of choice.  Here’s Omar Alhindi’s “Don’t Take My Love Away” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Romance & Rebellion’s “Vanity Fair” Music Video


Romance & Rebellion is sharing with our listeners their music video for their single “Vanity Fair”.  The single is a strong call back to the 1980’s with a nicely paced electro ballad.  The pacing of the single is so that it keeps the listener pulled in, it’s not slow or to fast.  I guess you could say it’s just right.  The music video is a straight up performance type video as if the band was playing at a prom.  Romance & Rebellion is working on a self titled EP that “Vanity Fair” is part of so until you can get the EP enjoy their “Vanity Fair” music video through their YouTube channel – Richard: