Maggie McClure Will “Be Right Here For You”

Maggie McClure has hit my sweet spot with her single “Be Right Here For You”.  This is just a fun catchy single that should get your foot to tapping and head to bobbing.  I personally love these type of songs because of their uplifting rhythm and, as stated above, plain funness (yeah I know I created a word).  Maggie’s work has been spotlighted on several television programs so you might have heard something of hers and not realize it.  Her latest album is Time Moves On.  I am definitely interested in hearing more from her to see if she keeps up the fun uplifting style.  Enjoy Maggie McClure’s “Be Right Here For You” through SoundCloud – Richard:

“Christmas Time Again” with Our Friends


It’s that time of year again when we get friends sending ComicPop Library their Christmas wishes through song.  Our first Christmas wishes come from Maggie McClure and Shane Henry with their single “Christmastime Again”.  This is a delightful song that we enjoyed here at ComicPop and think our listeners and everyone else will as well.  So let the season begin with Maggie McClure and Shane Henry with “Christmastime Again” through SoundCloud and be sure to look for their music in you choice of digital vendors – Richard: