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Apr 20

Island Apollo New Single “Hold It Down”

Island Apollo is giving our listeners a rockin’ anthem to check out, “Hold It Down”.  This single has that hard driving beat that gets you into the song from the beginning.  The vocals are on point with “Hold It Down” and I love that toward the end of the second third of the single there …

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Dec 29

BREATHERR’s Experimental Single “Chantrieri” Music Video

Those of our listeners that like to experiment with their music entertainment will get into BREATHERR’s single “Chantrieri”.  With “Chantrieri” everything about it makes for a tense listen.  The instrumentals and vocals don’t have much of any type of break and just keep driving forward through the single.  I’m fairly positive this is intentional with …

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Dec 16

KingWashington Latest Single “My Reflection”

KingWashington is sharing with our listeners their single “My Reflection”.  KingWashington’s sound has a very 1970’s feel to it with this single.  The vocals are more of a breathy feel, but I believe the band recognizes this and has their instrumentals done at a softer level so they don’t over power the vocals.  On listening …

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Nov 08

“Worms” Animated Music Video by Nick Valentini Collective

The Nick Valentini Collective is sharing their latest music video with our listeners for their single “Worms”.  In this single the Collective gives the listener a psychedelic/experimental rock feel.  Then they wrap it into an animated music video that could be classified as an animated short.  The style of the music video fits the single …

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Oct 12

Shikobi Wants to Feel “Alive” with New Single

Shikobi is delivering a hard rock feel to our listeners, with a touch of grunge mixed in with their single “Alive”.  The single has a driving beat that puts the music right in the listeners face.  Shikobi is here and they want to let everyone know.  The instrumentals are on point, with the vocals having …

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Sep 20

Maggie Szabo’s Wants Some “Gold”

Maggie Szabo is sharing with our listeners her latest single “Gold”.  Maggie is making a splash in the industry being featured on different outlets and most recently winning the International Songwriting Award.  With her single “Gold’ she has delivered a powerful fun song.  It has a strong base beat and she has some great attitude …

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