Lostboycrow’s Music Video for “Verona”

Get your Romeo and Juliet fix here with Lostboycrow’s latest music video “Verona”.  Lostboycrow stays in the pop club scene type of vibe with his single “Verona”.  Everything meshes fairly well, but when he blends in with the instrumentals, during the single’s chorus, he goes into his falsetto voice and having a softer voice it can get lost within the music.  It’s just hard to do when you hit the falsetto, it’s like for people that have a lower register voice, the singers voice just automatically gets softer.  With “Verona” Lostboycrow is right their on that line, but it doesn’t go completely over that line.  The music video itself, like I said, is a tribute to the Romeo and Juliet story and is fun to watch.  For music videos I enjoy the story videos, but I also enjoy the tribute videos and AMVs that people have done, for me it makes for a more enjoyable viewing.  So with that join Lostboycrow and enjoy his music video for “Verona” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Lostboycrow Releases Single “Stay A Little Longer”


Lostboycrow is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his new single “Stay a Little Longer”.  This single just has an easy flow to it that captures the listener from the start.  It is definitely a pop song, but it has slides in it, along with the drum beat that gives it a seductive feel.  The vocals capture that same tone and if Lostboycrow can keep this style going I for one am ready for him to stay a while and share with us even more entertaining music.  Check out Lostboycrow’s “Stay a Little Longer” through SoundCloud – Richard: