Jelly Ellington’s Music Video “Let Go”

Jelly Ellington is sharing with our listeners his music video for “Let Go”, featuring Philly G.  Jelly gives us a single that has some really nice guitar features and he actually begins the song with a guitar solo.  The rhythm is moody and kind of bluesy and along with the music video we take a stroll through the city as he sings.  Philly G. comes in half way through the single with a very well done feature.  This is one that definitely slows the pace down, but we need that every now and then.  Here’s Jelly Ellington’s “Let Go” music video featuring Philly G. through Jelly’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Brett Ferguson Wants to “Take You Home”

city bird publicitybrett

Brett Ferguson is sharing with our listeners his single “Take You Home”, from his album Let Go.  This single has a simplicity to it that makes it a very welcome change of pace to all the singles out there that are vying for attention.  Brett has a nice solid voice and the harmony he has with the female vocals is on point.  With this acoustic version Brett hearkens back to the folk singers from the 1970’s like James Taylor or even Simon & Garfunkel.  Brett’s album Let Go is available now so check you digital vendors to pick it up.  Until then enjoy Brett Ferguson’s “Take You Home” through SoundCloud – Richard:

People the Kangaroo “Let Go”

city bird publicitypeople

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical of this group from the very beginning just from their name. A group’s name is very important, you want it to be unique but still attract people and I’m afraid this group name would deter me. Getting to the music my reason for being skeptical was justified. The intro was interesting and I enjoyed the mix of percussion and electro but the vocals were lacking. I didn’t like the smoother flow of the lyrics because the music is already connected, I really wanted the vocals to be harsher and more defined. The instrumental interlude was really cool and I could listen to it all day, the vocals also got a little better when the song picked up the pace but I still wasn’t too fond of it. I honestly would love it if they created this song purely for the instrumental music and I never say that.
-April B.

Be sure to listen to People the Kangaroo’s single “Let Go” from SoundCloud: