Lego Dimensions Wave 9

If you love Lego’s and in extension their Lego’s Dimensions game you are able to get new characters now with their September releases.  For wave 9 Lego has added packs from Teen Titans Go!, PowerPuff Girls and BeetleJuice.  Check it out through DC’s YouTube channel:

Sonic Goes Lego


Here’s one for all you Sonic the Hedgehog and Lego fans.  Sonic goes Lego in one of the newer Lego Dimensions sets.  Here’s the trailer through IGN’s YouTube channel:

Lego Dimensions Trailer or Short


I know Lego Dimensions has been out for a while, but I just came across one of Lego’s extended trailers that I hadn’t seen before and thought it was fun and wanted to share.  This almost feels like a short more than a trailer which features Joel McHale of E! Network’s The Soup and The Community.  Check it out through GameSpot’s YouTube channel, just to get a smile on your face: