Beachwood Coyotes’ “Face to Face” Single

Beachwood Coyotes is sharing with our listeners their single “Face to Face”.  I really enjoy the beat of this single.  The rhythm gets you going and into the song right away.  The vocals by the group during the chorus are right on that edge of being overpowered by the instrumentals.  Their vocals blend really well with the music and I’m sure the mixer for Beachwood Coyotes’ songs is making sure that, that line isn’t crossed.  There are times when having vocals that blend well can be a blessing and a curse with that fine line, but the band stays true in this single.  Here’s Beachwood Coyotes’ single “Face to Face” through SoundCloud and be sure to keep an eye out for their EP Scrubby – Richard:

Maggie McClure Will “Be Right Here For You”

Maggie McClure has hit my sweet spot with her single “Be Right Here For You”.  This is just a fun catchy single that should get your foot to tapping and head to bobbing.  I personally love these type of songs because of their uplifting rhythm and, as stated above, plain funness (yeah I know I created a word).  Maggie’s work has been spotlighted on several television programs so you might have heard something of hers and not realize it.  Her latest album is Time Moves On.  I am definitely interested in hearing more from her to see if she keeps up the fun uplifting style.  Enjoy Maggie McClure’s “Be Right Here For You” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Oparu’s Single “Remember Me”

Oparu is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her atmospheric single “Remember Me”.  The single is one that has a hypnotic rhythm to it and puts one in a state of reflection.  Everyone wants to be remembered and Oparu puts that cry in song.  The vocals give this single an ethereal feel as well that fits well with the instrumentals.  Here’s Oparu’s “Remember Me” through SoundCloud – Richard:

“Christmas Time Again” with Our Friends


It’s that time of year again when we get friends sending ComicPop Library their Christmas wishes through song.  Our first Christmas wishes come from Maggie McClure and Shane Henry with their single “Christmastime Again”.  This is a delightful song that we enjoyed here at ComicPop and think our listeners and everyone else will as well.  So let the season begin with Maggie McClure and Shane Henry with “Christmastime Again” through SoundCloud and be sure to look for their music in you choice of digital vendors – Richard:

DreamVacation for “Letting in the Dead”


DreamVacation is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their single “Letting in the Dead” off their Self-Titled EP.  “Letting in the Dead” has a rock beat that will get your head to movin’ with a fun rhythm.  The lead vocalist has a voice that is kind of a blend of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.  I love the artwork they have for the single which is pictured above.  Even though many will see this as a dark song before they even listen to it, once you listen to it you will get a new prospective that maybe the “Dead” are cool!…at least for the single “Letting in the Dead’ they’re cool!  So take a listen to DreamVacation’s “Letting in the Dead” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Givers & Takers decide to Give us “Start the Morning”

givers and takers

The band Givers & Takers are sharing with the ComicPop listeners their latest single “Start the Morning”.  This single I can see being played or performed in a night club where people go to experience the music.  “Start the Morning” has a very R&B/Soul vibe to it that washes over the listener.  Well done and get ready to swoon with Givers & Takers, “Start the Morning” through SoundCloud – Richard: