Lucy & La Mer’s “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”

Lucy & La Mer is sharing with out listeners their single “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”.  The sound that Lucy and La Mer developed for this single is a pop/folk mix.  It is a serious song with lyrics that speak to a relationship that is hitting a rough spot.  There are times when a person has weapons that they don’t realize and this songs mentions them, because when you see the title of this single you see “Weapons” and think guns or something of that type of weapon.  However, the “Weapon” that most people don’t realize they weld everyday is their voice.  And worst a “Weapon” could be a hand.  Even with this heavy subject the rhythm and vocals of this single make it light and able to listen to and hear what is being said.  Really a nice job in structuring this single.  Lesson’s are easier to absorb when done in a comforting way rather than a harsh way.  This is one to listen to, and with that here is Lucy & La Mer’s “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down” through SoundCloud – Richard

Silver Rose’s Music Video “Take Me Home”

Silver Rose is hitting that 1970’s psychedelic/pop feel with her single “Take Me Home”.  Today she is sharing with our listeners her music video for the single, which the director shot as a home video reminiscent of 8mm film footage.  Which fits the ’70’s time frame feel of the song.  Silver Rose blends her voice in with the instruments just as you would expect from a psychedelic single.  Here’s Silver Rose’s music video for “Take Me Home” to check out through her YouTube channel and then you can find her EP from your digital vendor of choice – Richard:

Trapdoor Social’s Single “Never Stop Listening”

Trapdoor Social is sharing with our listeners their latest single “Never Stop Listening”.  Music and politics have been intertwined since I can remember.  With the single “Never Stop Listening” the band is adding their voice to a cause they want to draw awareness.  The single itself can be listened to and be referenced in a completely different way.  It is with the music video for the single that draws attention to the Dakota Access Pipeline, by using images from the camp.  The single itself is a very well done soft rock ballad that is enjoyable.  Here’s Trapdoor Social’s “Never Stop Listening” music video through their YouTube channel.  If you want to catch them live I have some of the upcoming dates listed  – Richard:

Tour Dates 

March 7th, Charleston, SC, The Royal American
March 8th, Awendaw, SC, Barn Jam
March 11th, St. Augustine, FL, Genungs Fish Camp
March 14th, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 15th, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 16th, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 17th, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 18th, Austin, TX, SXSW
March 19th, Huston, TX, Super Happy Funland
March 20th, Dallas, TX, The Door
March 22nd, Wichita, KS, Mead’s Corner
March 23rd, Omaha, NE, Down Under Lounge
March 24th, Iowa City, IA, Yacht Club
March 25th, Chicago, IL, Moe’s Tavern
March 27th, Milwaukee, WI, Cactus Club

March 29th, Minneapolis, MN, Nomad World Pub

Rel Gives Everyone an Experience with”Factory”

mora may agencyrel1

Rel is giving our listeners a new experience in listening to music with “Factory”.  With all the different sounds hitting me with this single I wasn’t quite sure about it.  As “Factory” continued I really started to appreciate what is being done with the instrumentality of this piece.  Rel’s voice comes through really nice for a different experience for music listeners that most will enjoy.  Check out rel’s single “Factory” through SoundCloud – Richard

Jessica Rotter Latest Single “Pray for Rain”


Jessica Rotter charted at #1 on Hype Machine with her single “Stay/Animal” with Emily Colombier.  With this accomplishment in her back pocket Jessica is moving forward with her latest single “Pray for Rain” that is the first release of her upcoming album Plains.  “Pray for Rain” has a Pop feel to it that has an enjoyable light beat that immediately grabs you.  Her voice has, what I would call, Alto range that comes through strong and clear and compliments the music well.  Jessica is sharing “Pray for Rain” with us through SoundCloud and most everyone will enjoy this single.  If this is an indication of what the album, Plains, will sound like keep an eye on the digital vendors begin on April 22 to pick it up – Richard:

SLEEPLUST Invites Us to listen to “My Place”


SLEEPLUST invites the ComicPop listeners to check out their single “My Place” from their self titled EP that was release in November.  SLEEPLUST is a synth/pop group that begins their single calm and then ramps it up for the chorus.  It’s a cool back and forth that they have established with this single.  This trio has had their music featured on MTV, VH1, E!, and Oxygen, so they are well on their way to being in everyone’s circle of interests.  SLEEPLUST is sharing “My Place” with the ComicPop listeners through SoundCloud, so we want to thank them for doing this and be sure to check out you digital downloaders to support them and their self titled EP – Richard:

REL gets “Gooey’


REL is sharing with us her cover of “Gooey”.  “Gooey” is definitely an electro/pop single that has an infectious rhythm.  Your body is moving to the music before you know it.  “Gooey” is groovy and almost has a psychedelic feel to it as well.  I could see this one playing in a night club.  Take a listen to REL’s “Gooey” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ted Z and The Wranglers Rustle us up Some Music

ted z

Ted Z and The Wranglers is sharing with us their latest single “Go Find Your Heaven” – Radio Edit.  This single will appeal to our Country/Western listeners.  This group has their feet firmly planted in the Country/Western genre with this single.  This means there isn’t a lot of competing sounds.  The instrumentals are small listed and pure and the vocals come through nice and strong.  Think back to the Country that was playing back in the 1970’s to 1980’s, before country went with a more electric sound.  A nice job all around.  Give a listen to Ted Z and The Wranglers’ single “Go Find Your Heaven” – Radio Edit that they are sharing through SoundCloud – Richard:

“Hill Top” Lyric Video from Josh Stevens


Take a listen to the latest single from Josh Stevens, “Hill Top”.  The single also features Spencer Ludwig and is part of Stevens’ EP Story of Summer.  “Hill Top”, starts out like it’s going to be a ballad and then it slowly builds until Josh transitions the single into a pop rock rhythm.  Once into the single you get a great upbeat song that I had a fun time listening to.  Check out “Hill Top’s” lyric music video through Josh’s YouTube channel – Richard: