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Mar 08

Mike Schiavo’s Music Video for “Back For Me”

Mike Schiavo is sharing with our listeners his music video for his single “Back For Me”.  If Mike’s name sounds a little familiar it might be from his time on season 10 of The Voice.  Mike has a clear strong voice that he uses in his “Back For Me” ballad.  I also love how he …

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Feb 17

Alxxa’s Single “Nobody”

Alxxa is sharing with us her single “Nobody”.  This single will be one that the club scene will enjoy.  It has an electronic punch to the instrumentals, but Alxxa’s voice is really crisp and clear.  I would love to hear her sing a more traditional single.  I think that would really make her voice shine …

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Feb 01

Remix of Tammy’s Single “Away for the Weekend”

Ester has done a remix of Tammy’s single “Away for the Weekend”.  We spotlighted Tammy’s single on a previous post and with this she is giving our listeners the opportunity to hear the remix.  The remix gives it some heavy bass beats that gives the single a feel of urgency.  If you liked the ballad …

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Jan 13

Strae’s Debut Single “Lioness”

Strae is sharing with our listeners her debut single “Lioness”.  This single is an empowerment song in the vein of  a Kelly Clarkson or even Katy Perry.  I really enjoy these types of pop songs and Strae does a great job with the performance with her voice matching well with the instrumentals so that it …

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Dec 16

The Classic Kids latest Music Video “Daydream”

The Classic Kids are still hitting it out of the park with their 1980’s inspired music with their single “Daydream”.  We loved The Classic Kids EP Forever Strong that we reviewed back in our 42 episode of ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt and I personally enjoy this latest single from them.  The music video is …

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Oct 07

Stefan Alexander “Skeleton” Savior Adore Remix

Stefan Alexander is wanting our listeners to check out his Savior Adore Remix for his single “Skeleton”.  This is a fun upbeat single that takes on that subject that most don’t want to think about, but could happen to you if it already hasn’t.  Basically a couple has split and “Skeleton” is the message that …

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Sep 20

Conversing with Oceans Latest Single “Deeper”

Conversing with Oceans is the concept of Alex Bondarev where he is composing for everyone to enjoy.  Conversing with Oceans has enjoyed composing music for Google and has had placements in television ads and programs.  He is sharing with our listeners his latest single “Deeper” featuring John Forte.  To me Conversing with Oceans is spotlighting …

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Aug 29

Troy’s latest Rock Single “Cover Me”

We featured Troy’s “Song Man” back in May.  Now Troy is sharing with us his latest single “Cover Me”.  Once again Troy smashes it with this great rock influenced single.  “Cover Me” doesn’t hit you in the face like you would expect if I told you this was a rock single.  This single has some …

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Jun 17

Alexis Babini Comforts with the Single “The World Was Still”

Alexis Babini is back to let the ComicPop listeners enjoy his latest single from his EH? EP, “The World Was Still”.  This single is a nice calming song that makes you feel like someone has wrapped their arms around you to keep you comfortable and warm.  This is not an easy thing to do with …

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Jun 14

Brandyn Burnette Wants us to Know the “State I’m In”

Brandyn is sharing with us and our listeners again with his latest “State I’m In”.  This single features Brandyn’s voice to perfection with him singing in a strong clear voice.  This is a strong outing for Brandyn which everyone will enjoy.  The single itself is the title track of Brandyn’s upcoming State I’m In EP, …

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