Judge Roughneck’s Latest Single “The Girl”

Judge Roughneck is sharing with our listeners again, this time it is for their current single “The Girl”.  Still enjoy the horns and reggae beat that Judge Roughneck gives us.  In “The Girl” they have a smooth sound for the chorus that even calls into mind the beach songs of the day, while the verse is where you get the most reggae feel.  A fun smooth sound to begin the coming of Spring and into the Summer beach music.  Find that groove with Judge Roughneck’s “The Girl” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Judge Roughneck Looks in the “Mirror in the Bathroom”

Judge Roughneck is sharing the music video for their reggae infused single “Mirror in the Bathroom”, featuring Angelo Moore.  I love reggae and this definitely has that influence.  However, with all the brass that they have introduced with this single I gives it a jazzy feel as well.  These gentlemen are throwing out their fourteenth album, Pick You Up, that “Mirror in the Bathroom” is a part of.  The group looks like a they are enjoying themselves, which is conveyed in the music video that is a simple studio shoot.  Join Judge Roughneck for some jazzy island music through their YouTube channel with “Mirror in the Bathroom” – Richard: