Jetty Rae’s Single “Take Me To The Mountain”

Jetty Rae is sharing with our listeners her single “Take Me to the Mountain”.  Jetty is playing with two different styles of music with this single.  I definitely hear a country blend with the instrumentals, but they are slowed down and her singing the lyrics is dragged out like you would hear in a psychedelic single.  This might be a little bit of a challenge for new listeners, but for individuals that enjoy the psychedelic feel will get into this single.  For me liking more upbeat songs, this is a mood piece for me and when they mood hits it fits.  Here’s Jetty Rae’s “Take Me to the Mountain” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jetty Rae Latest Single “Queen of the Universe”

Jetty Rae is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her latest single “Queen of the Universe”.  Jetty Rae has equal parts soul/country/and rock.  This single is right in that slot that it can be enjoyed on any of these types of radio stations.  One would think that with the title “Queen of the Universe” that this would be a hard sell to listeners, but once you start listening to the single you will be captured by Jetty’s voice and the singles haunting tones.  Here’s Jetty Rae’s “Queen of the Universe” through SoundCloud – Richard: