Invincible Iron Man Trailer

Marvel Entertainment latest Iron Man comic Invincible Iron Man.  You know it is almost a guarantee that anything Marvel puts out will eventually be collected into trade, but if you enjoy the single issues be sure to stop by your comic book shop to pick up the latest issues.  Here’s the trailer for Invincible Iron Man from Marvel’s YouTube channel:

More Marvel Prose!

black widowcaptain marvel

Marvel is planning on adding to it’s prose novels in the next year.  The have made arrangements for Margaret Stohl to write a sequel to her Black Widow: Forever Red marvel novel entitled Red Vengeance.  Then they are also working with Eion Colfer to write an Iron Man novel and Shannon and Dale Hale to write a couple of novels, one for Squirrel Girl and the other Captain Marvel.  Marvel is trying to get back into the prose market and they are working with well known authors to do so, could be interesting and fun reads.

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Nobody wants to go up against this movie this weekend in the blockbuster race.  Is everyone ready for Iron Man 3.  I myself can’t wait.  Thanks to YouTuber “movieclipsTRAILERS” for the following trailer:

Free Comic Book Day

Remember that this weekend, May 4, is Free Comic Book Day.  So you can go see Iron Man 3 on Friday night and then Saturday morning go to your participating comic book stores, book stores, and libraries for free comic books!  I hope everyone was able to get all of their stock in for the 4th.  We have ours in thanks to Prairie Dog Comics, in Wichita, for ordering them for us and we have some extra book marks, provided by Prairie Dog Comics, and graphic novel give aways for those that attend.  Our display case in the library has a display of die-cast cars that are comic book themed that people can view as well.  Have fun everyone!

Shownotes Ep. 32: He’s the First Time Lord


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Other mentions: Age of Reptiles, Marvel Masterworks, DC Archives, Doctor Who, Time Lord.