Ep 12 ComicPop On The Road at Starbase Studios with Ray Tesi

Ep 12 ComicPop Library On The Road at Starbase Studios with Ray Tesi

Logan, Jonathon, and Richard are still at Starbase Studios.  This time we run into Ray Tesi, the Director of Starship Republic, a Star Trek fan film production.  We have a short visit with Ray catching up with him and his production.  We here at ComicPop have been fortunate to visit with several new and old friends alike.  Thanks to Ray and all of them for joining us for some fun and their patience as we put the visits up for all to enjoy.

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Starship Republic’s Website

Starship Republic’s IndieGoGo Page

Starbase Studios Facebook Page

Starbase Studios YouTube Channel

Starbasebsitee Studios Website

ShadowStorm Studios’ YouTube Channel

ShadowStorm Studios’ Facebook Page

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Starship Republic, a Star Trek Fan Film Production, Indiegogo is Live!

We mentioned last week about the new Indiegogo page that was getting ready to go live for Starship Republic – a Star Trek fan film production.  We’ll our good friend, Ray Tesi the director, has notified me that it has gone live.  Check out the vignette that is on the page and help them to become part of the Star Trek Universe in your own way.  Here’s the link for the Indiegogo page: Starship Republic – A Fan Film Production Indiegogo Page

Carolina Manga Library IndieGoGo Campaign

manga library

The Carolina Manga Library has started a IndieGoGo campaign for $1500.00 to purchase better shelving for their traveling reading library.  This library is used at different conventions we the Manga Library is set up for Con goers to visit an read.  AnimeFestival Wichita has a similar library that comes to their convention.  Check out their fund raising video below from their YouTube Channel and link to their IndieGoGo page if you would like to support them.  They have a third of their funds already and there is still 53 days to help them as of this posting.


Ep. 11 of ComicPop Visits with Ken Johnson, Creator of the Comic Book Velica

Welcome to Episode 11 of ComicPop Visits.  In this episode we the ComicPop Crew visit with Ken Johnson, the creator, writer, and artist of the U.K based comic book Velica.  I want to thank Stacey Aragon, the Community Relation Assistant, of Velica Comics, for contacting us here at ComicPop Library about Ken and his creation.  She was kind enough to send us some digital previews of Velica and connecting us with Ken.

Also a big thank you to Ken for his patience with technology as we had our visit with him.  Be sure to check out the links below to the various websites related to Velica and definitely go to the indiegogo site listed below to help Ken and friends in funding the live action short they want to produce for the Velica character.

So lets take the night with Ken and Velica:


Ep. 11 ComicPop Visits with Ken Johnson, Creator of the Comic Book Velica


http://velicaonline.com/team-velica/ – Team Velica Webpage

http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/velica – indiegogo Fund Raiser Page

http://jaqariproductions.com/ – Ken Johnson’s Companies Page

https://www.facebook.com/velicaonline – Velica, Next Powerful Woman in Comics Facebook Page

https://www.facebook.com/velicacomics – Velica Facebook Page

http://www.facebook.com/pages/ComicPop-Library/135675669828474?v=app_2373072738 – ComicPop Library Facebook Page

Check Out Velica, Looks Interesting

Thanks to Stacey Aragon for getting in touch with us about this great looking UK comic.  The comic is Ken Johnson’s Velica and follows this young women who is seeking revenge for her father’s death.  Just by looking at some of the images online it is similar to a Punisher/Jennifer Blood titles.  For me this is in my wheel house that I love.  I want to get my hands on the six issues that have been printed in the UK, that would be great.  But if nothing else on the Team Velica website they have informed everyone that a deal has been signed with Strick 9 Label and Toledo Publishing Group of Chicago, Illinois, to reprint the first six issues for the U.S. market.

http://velicaonline.com/2013/01/31/velica-comics-signs-us-print-and-distribution-deal/Team Velica website.

https://www.facebook.com/velicacomics – Velica Facebook Page.

The is also a IndieGoGo Fundraiser currently being done to get the title made into an live action feature.  So if you’re interested in Velica and strong female leads this is a project you might want to consider supporting.  You can check out the short video that was produced for the Fundraiser below: