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Apr 12

Ep 10 ComicPop Heroes Take on “Hinges”

Ep 10 ComicPop Heroes Take on “Hinges” The ComicPop Crew takes a strange turn into a toy marionette world.  We aren’t the only newcomers through.  Orio and Bauble are new to this world as well.  We join them to discover what this world is and that Orio and Bauble’s role in it will be.  Join …

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Mar 01

Ep 9 ComicPop Heroes Take on “Velvet”

Ep 9 ComicPop Heroes Take On “Velvet” We enter the dark and treacherous would of espionage.  It’s not always pretty and you don’t know who you can trust as  friend or foe.  Join the ComicPop Crew as we discuss Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s graphic novel Velvet Vol. 1: Before the Living End. Join us …

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Jun 23

Tales of Honor Trailer

If you have fans for Honor Harrington or you are a fan yourself are you aware that there are Tales of Honor graphic novels.  At this time there are two volumes and they would be nice companion pieces to the novels within your library collections.  Thanks to the Tales of Honor YouTube channel for the …

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Feb 19

Ep 7 ComicPop Heroes Take on Lazarus

Ep 7 ComicPop Heroes Take on Lazarus, Vol. 1 The ComicPop Crew explore the near future where society is divided into a distinct class system.  Life is not pleasant for the majority of the population who are controlled by “Families” that have heads of security they call Lazarus’ in Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s, Lazarus, …

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Jan 25

Term Life Trailer

Term Life, the graphic novel from Image, by A.J. Lieberman and Nick Thornborrow has the first trailer for the upcoming film that has been adapted from the graphic novel.  The release date is scheduled for April 8.  Thanks to Focus Features YouTube channel for the trailer and ICv2 for the heads up:

Dec 31

Ep 6 ComicPop Heroes Take on Manifest Destiny

  Ep 6 ComicPop Heroes Take on Manifest Destiny The ComicPop Crew blaze a trail with Lewis and Clark, through the Louisiana Purchase.  President Jefferson tasks the expedition with mapping and discovering what the United States purchased from the France.  So join them on this exciting, but dangerous frontier trek in Chris Dingess and Matthew …

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Dec 23

Ep 5 ComicPop Heroes Takes on The Wicked + The Divine

  Ep 5 ComicPop Heroes Takes on The Wicked + The Divine This episode takes Lenny and Richard over to England where the gods are back on Earth.  Hear how the near future tale of The Wicked + The Divine, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, goes down. Join us for another fun episode by …

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Oct 12

Robert Kirkman’s Outcast Trailer

Robert Kirkman is a happy man and so are his fans.  Another one of his comic book titles is being made into a television series.  This time it is his recent title entitled Outcast and it will be on Cinemax.  So make sure you are ready for another ride with Kirkman in 2016.  Check out …

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Aug 27

Ep 3 ComicPop Heroes Take on “Noah”

  Ep 3 ComicPop Heroes Take on “Noah” In this episode Lenny, Jonathon, Logan, April, and Richard review and discuss the SciFi retelling of the Noah story by Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel, and Niko Henrichon. Join us for another fun episode by listening above, at www.comicpoplibrary.com or wait until later today and it will be …

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Jul 14

OutCast Trailer

Robert Kirkman is bring another one of his stories to the small screen.  This time it is Cinemax that will be taking the reigns with his comic book series OutCast, which is published by Image Comics.  Check out the trailer through Cinemax’ YouTube channel:

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