Star Wars Gets New Manga Title

ICv2 has announced that this past weekend at the AnimeNYC Convention that Yen Press will be publishing the newest Star Wars manga title.  The manga is adapted from Claudia Gray’s young adult novels and is entitled Star Wars: Lost Stars.  The first book is planned for a May 1 released date so mark your calendar’s for when to order it.  Thanks to ICv2 for this information and for a full listing of other manga titles the site listed from the convention check them out by using the link below:

ICv2’s New Manga Listing from AnimeNYC

Magic’s Gift Pack’s

Wizards of the Coast are gearing up for the holiday’s with their Magic Gift Packs.  The packs will contain: a booster pack of Amonkhet, Hour of Devestation, and Ixalan; 5 foil “shooting star” lands; 1 foil “Kari Zeb; 1 foil “Skyship Raider”; 1 foil “Metalwork Colossus; and a spindown counter for a suggested price of $20.00.  The package is designed like the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! gift packs so it will attract gift buyers.  So if you are into Magic tell you family that they can look for this to pick up for you.  Thanks to ICv2 for letting us know about this holiday gift idea.

Godzilla Animated Film Trailer

This looks good.  Godzilla is getting another release, but this time it is an animated film.  So for all us anime/animation fans, like me, this is cool and the trailer looks really nice.  The film is entitled Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters and it will be opening in Japan on November 17 and then Netflix will be getting global streaming afterwards.  So those of you with Netflix will get to see this before me.  Like everything Netflix I will have to wait until it is released on DVD/Blu-ray.  Thanks to ICv2 for linking the studios trailer from the anime company’s YouTube channel:

Pokemon gets New Titles in 2018

Pokemon is getting three new titles in 2018 with the first two being new manga.  In the Spring Pokemon Sun & Moon will be released and then in the Summer Pokemon Horizon: Sun & Moon will follow close behind.  Another title for the summer is just a single book for Pokemon crafts entitled PomPom Pokemon.  As big as Pokemon is these are titles many will want to put in their personal collections and public libraries will want to consider adding them to their collections as well.  Thanks to ICv2 for the info and image.

New Artist Power Ranger’s Book

Boom! Studios is gearing up for the Power Ranger’s 25th Anniversary with Saban.  This next year the publisher will be releasing Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute that will have over 60 original pieces of artwork.  If you are a Power Rangers fan this might be one to keep an eye out for to add to your library’s.  The image above is to the first graphic novel available from BOOM!.  It was used since there has been no image released for the cover of this particular book.  The release date for Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute is scheduled for March 21, with a $24.99 suggested retail price.  Thanks to ICv2 for this update…Power Ranger’s Go!

The Gifted Trailer

The Gifted is another Marvel television series that just began that Jonathon checked out.  He said he enjoyed it as well, so add another to my wait to watch list.  We have FilmSelect Trailer’s trailer through their YouTube channel for The Gifted:

New Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck

For all you Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG fans get ready for more cards!  A new structure deck entitled Wave of Light is set to release this coming January.  It will be a 41 card deck and will contain 36 Commons, 3 Super Rares, and 2 Ultra Rare cards.  The deck will also feature new Field Spell cards called “The Sanctuary in the Sky” cards that will make fairies tougher.  Thanks to ICv2 for this update.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Fighters Collection

Logan missed these when they came out since we live in a rural area, did you?  Bushiroad is distributing the Cardfight!! Vanguard G Fighters Collection which has 75 new cards.  So if you missed them like him you might want to go to your area’s gaming store and see if they can get any in for you.

007 – James Bond has Another Mission Through IDW

IDW is venturing on another mission with Ian Fleming’s James Bond, 007 character.  This time it will be a one-shot graphic novel written and drawn by Ibrahim Moustafa.  The one-shot is entitled James Bond: Solstice and is slated for a November 22 release date.  So all you Bond fans out there get ready for the next adventure!

The Umbrella Academy Possibility

Netflix is looking to add to it’s rooster of original content.  ICv2 is reporting that they have asked for a 10 episode season based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s, Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy.  Universal Gable Productions has announced Steve Blackman as the executive producer and show runner and it is slated for a 2018 release.