New Artist Power Ranger’s Book

Boom! Studios is gearing up for the Power Ranger’s 25th Anniversary with Saban.  This next year the publisher will be releasing Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute that will have over 60 original pieces of artwork.  If you are a Power Rangers fan this might be one to keep an eye out for to add to your library’s.  The image above is to the first graphic novel available from BOOM!.  It was used since there has been no image released for the cover of this particular book.  The release date for Saban’s Power Rangers Artist Tribute is scheduled for March 21, with a $24.99 suggested retail price.  Thanks to ICv2 for this update…Power Ranger’s Go!

The Gifted Trailer

The Gifted is another Marvel television series that just began that Jonathon checked out.  He said he enjoyed it as well, so add another to my wait to watch list.  We have FilmSelect Trailer’s trailer through their YouTube channel for The Gifted:

New Yu-Gi-Oh Structure Deck

For all you Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG fans get ready for more cards!  A new structure deck entitled Wave of Light is set to release this coming January.  It will be a 41 card deck and will contain 36 Commons, 3 Super Rares, and 2 Ultra Rare cards.  The deck will also feature new Field Spell cards called “The Sanctuary in the Sky” cards that will make fairies tougher.  Thanks to ICv2 for this update.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Fighters Collection

Logan missed these when they came out since we live in a rural area, did you?  Bushiroad is distributing the Cardfight!! Vanguard G Fighters Collection which has 75 new cards.  So if you missed them like him you might want to go to your area’s gaming store and see if they can get any in for you.

007 – James Bond has Another Mission Through IDW

IDW is venturing on another mission with Ian Fleming’s James Bond, 007 character.  This time it will be a one-shot graphic novel written and drawn by Ibrahim Moustafa.  The one-shot is entitled James Bond: Solstice and is slated for a November 22 release date.  So all you Bond fans out there get ready for the next adventure!

The Umbrella Academy Possibility

Netflix is looking to add to it’s rooster of original content.  ICv2 is reporting that they have asked for a 10 episode season based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s, Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy.  Universal Gable Productions has announced Steve Blackman as the executive producer and show runner and it is slated for a 2018 release.

Force of Will New Themed Decks

The Force of Will trading card game is delivering more content this October.  Two new themed starter decks will be arriving at stores entitled Arrogant Swallowtail and Wings of Anger.  The decks will contain 50 cards, a play sheet, a rules sheet, and a game manual.  Then the booster packs that will be released to support the decks will be called Advent of Demons, which will have an additional 200 cards.  These decks are scheduled for an October 20 release, but if your gaming store supports Force of Will, there are going to be free demo decks at participating stores starting mid July through the end of the month.  So all your fans of TCG’s be sure to ask you stores if they will be receiving the demo decks.  Thanks to ICv2 for letting us know what’s coming soon to our gaming shops.

New Yu-Gi-Oh Sets Coming

ICv2 is reporting that coming this October Konami will be releasing 3 Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Dragon Decks.  The Deck themes are Atlantis, Cyber Dragons, and Dimensional Dragons.  The full set will include 2 decks of 40 cards and 11 extra cards and 1 deck of 41 cards with 10 extra cards.  Each deck itself will have 5 foil cards and through the decks there will be variant art cards for: Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wings Synchro Dragon, and Starving Venom Fusion Dragon.  I know Logan will be keeping his eye out for them.

IDW’s Next Hasbro Event

IDW and Hasbro has joined forces this past year to bring together Hasbro’s toy properties as a shared comic book universe, in the Revolutions storyline.  The next event were G.I. Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Rom, and Micronauts share is entitled First Strike.  For floppy collectors you will be able to start picking this up with a #0 issue at your comic stores now.  For collectors and libraries that prefer collected editions you know that IDW will more than likely do so for this event later this year.

FUNimation Licenses “Tokyo Ghoul” Live Action Film

ICv2 is reporting that FUNimation Entertainment has licensed the live action Tokyo Ghoul film.  The release will be in Japanese with English subtitles.  The film is directed by Kentaro Hagiwara and stars Masataka Kubota as Ken.  The Japanese theatrical release date is July 29.  No distribution date has been set at this time, but be sure to keep checking FUNimation’s site to order your copy to add to your library.