23rd Hour’s Shares “Hypothetically” Music Video

23rd Hour is made up of the duo Sherry-Lynn Lee and George Paolini and they are sharing with us their music video “Hypothetically”.  The single itself is a cross between lounge room and western elements.  Sherry-Lynn has this powerful voice that comes in and the two mix it well with George’s softer lower voice and the way they sing it reminds you of a lounge room atmosphere or club even.  The instrumentals are acoustical and then one instrument that sways the listener into the western genre is the steel guitar.  The music video itself is an in studio filming of the two singing “Hypothetically” and spotlights the two individually and also that steel guitar I mentioned.  If to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life here’s 23rd Hour’s “Hypothetically” music video, through their YouTube channel, and keep a look out for their album Perfect Strangers slated to come out later this month – Richard: