Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection Trailer

Resurrection is the 10th book in Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant Series.  This is one that I missed and looks like I will be going back and picking up.  It looks interesting and for a series to be at it’s 10th book something is going for it.  Here’s the trailer for Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection through HarperCollins Publishers Australia YouTube channel:

200 Years of Harper Collins Publishing

Harper Collins Publishers has a video up on their YouTube channel celebrating 200 years of publishing.  If you are a bibliophile then you have probably purchased a Harper Collins publication.  In the video see if you have read any of the titles, I know I have!  The short montage is set to a catchy tune and will brighten your day remember books you have read and ones that you will read in the future – Richard:

Chaos Trailer


This trailer for Chaos, Patricia Cornwell’s latest novel is kind of interesting.  She shows you a little portion of how she researches her books.  Kind of cool…here it is from Harper Collins Australia YouTube channel:

Ep 9 ComicPop Licensed to Read “The Sleeper and The Spindle”

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Ep 9 ComicPop Licensed to Read The Sleeper and The Spindle

Logan, Lenny, and Richard enter the world of Fairy Tale.  However, this Fairy Tale is a tad different than you might think.  So join the Crew for The Sleeper and The Spindle by Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell.

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What we reviewed in this episode:

1) The Sleeper and The Spindle, Neil Gaiman – writer, Chris Riddell – illustrator, Harper Collins, 2015.  ISBN: 978-0062396246, $19.99.

Music clips used this episode:

1) “My Freedom”, Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergerson, Epic Orchestra Music Compilation Vol. 7 – Wonderous Adventure & Fantasy Edition, lemdeath, YouTube, 2013.

2) “Train of Thought”, Andrew Lubman.

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Department 19 Book Trailer

Check out one of the recent series that just came out from Harper Collins entitled Department 19 by Will Hill.  If you are into the supernatural this might be one for you to check out. Thanks to “WorldBookDay2012” and “harpercollinsbc1” on YouTube for the following trailers: