Melbourne’s “Balance of Terror” GoFundMe Campaign

The crew of the Melbourne is needing your assistance.  The Star Trek fan film production Storm Front Pt 1 has been posted and attached below and the second part is being edited now.  So look forward for that to hit later this year.  While they are editing part two of Storm Front the ShadowStorm Studios production crew is hard at work gearing up for the film Balance of Terror.  Here’s your chance to help out with a film production in the Star Trek fan universe.  They have the GoFundMe campaign running right now for their next film Balance of Terror.  So make the jump here ShadowStorm Studios Balance of Terror GoFundMe and become part of the entertainment industry.

Star Trek Fan Film Needing Assistance


If you are a fan of Star Trek and enjoy the fan films you know they do have some expenses that they always try to cover themselves.  Sometimes the films or studios need a little assistance.  Melbourne is a forth coming fan film that is in need of some assistance at this time.  The amount they are requesting is not an astronomical amount and it would help them get the film up and running.  So this is a way for you to help out and be a part of the Star Trek community.  If you are interested and and can help in any amount make the jump to Melbourne’s GoFundMe page:

Starbase Studios GoFundMe Campaign


Did you ever want to be a part of Star Trek but didn’t know how?  Here is your chance.  Starbase Studios, located in Oklahoma City, has set up a GoFundMe campaign to build an additional set to assist film makers create Star Trek fan films.  The Studio already has a Classic 360 Constitution Class Ship bridge, a two person medical bay, and a transporter room (in the construction phase nearing completion).  The GoFundMe campaign is to help the Studio raise $3,500 to create a Briefing Room as the next set.

The Briefing Room was selected because, as Vance Major stated in our interview with him, is because it can be redressed into several different sets i.e. Captain’s Quarters, Mess Hall, Cargo Bay or Rec. Room.  Remember Starbase Studios is a nonprofit entity and they allow filmmakers to film their fan films at no charge.  As a GoFundMe campaign this is a realistic campaign that can be achieve with your help.

So become part of Star Trek by following the link and donate to Starbase Studios GoFundMe Campaign: