Percival Elliott Music Video for “Forever”

Percival Elliott is sharing with out listeners then new music video “Forever”.  This single is from the duos upcoming Save Your Soul LP.  Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier gives listeners a peaceful indie/folk tune with “Forever” that one can put on and just flow with their vocals and instrumentals.  So it makes perfect sense that they did the music video on a river.  It isn’t just because they use it within their lyrics in “Forever”, but because the musicality just flows over you.  Very nicely done and I can’t wait to hear what else they might have on their upcoming album.  Until then Percival Elliott want’s everyone to enjoy their music video “Forever” through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Shownotes for Episode 27 of ComicPop Library: I Need to Grok


1. Stranger in a Strange Land, Robert Heinlein, Ace Trade, 1991.  ISBN: 978-0441788385, $18.00.

2. Six60, Six60, Massive Entertainment, 2011.  ASIN: B007Q33GR8, $39.24. – Website dedicated to Robert Heinlein – Six60′s Website – Like Six60 on Facebook – Like ComicPop Library on Facebook

Also mentioned was: Mars; Superman; Dan Brown; Da Vinci Code; Puss in Boots; Jedi Church; Native Americans; Water Ritual; Star Trek; Doctor Who; Batman; Martian Manhunter; Water Boy; Warner Bros.; Christianity; Muslim; Bible; Religion; Maroon 5; “Moves Like Jagger”; “Young and Wild and Free”; “Don’t Forget Your Roots”; “Rise Up 2.0”; “Lost”; Soundtracks; “Forever”; Indy 500; “Free Bird”; Meat Loaf; “Hotel California”‘; Bat Out of Hell; “Anything for Love”; Uglies; Daemon; & New Zealand.

Congrats to Six60

I want to congratulate Six60, their song “Forever” was used in the PreRace show for the 2012 Indy 500.  It’s a great song and I’m glad to see you get the exposure.  Below is the segment from the show from YouTube posted by Dqnyur and the complete song “Forever” posted by Six60NZ.  Below are links to Six60’s page to purchase their album, iTunes and Facebook page. We will be reviewing their album in an upcoming Podcast that will be released in October.