Emma Charleston’s “Wonderland”

Emma Charleston is back and sharing with us her latest single “Wonderland”.  Emma gives us a folksy ballad that fits her strong clear voice.  With her second folk single out this seems to be the genre of choice for her, but as with any artist they will have fun with other genres as well.  As with Emma’s first single “Falling”, “Wonderland” will be enjoyed by our listeners of folk music and some that want to enjoy a solid ballad that transports you into your mind’s memory of a loved shared.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Wonderland” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Emma Charleston’s Single “Falling”

Emma Charleston hits me in one of my sweet spots with her single “Falling” that she is sharing with ComicPop’s listeners.  Emma has a nice clean strong voice that shines with this singles acoustical folk/pop style.  This reminds me of something back in the day that John Denver would sing.  This is a great way to have a first single.  I can’t wait to see if Emma continues down the folk/pop genre or if she will change up, but for my .02 Cents worth this genre she would shine in and I look forward to her next release.  Here’s Emma Charleston’s “Falling” through SoundCloud – Richard

Ep. 4 MiniPop: Strangefruit Between the Earth and Sea


Ep 4 MiniPop Strangefruit Between the Earth and Sea

In this MiniPop the gang discusses Strangefruit’s EP Between the Earth and Sea.  Join the fun and discover Strangefruit’s refreshing sound.  Then in a couple of weeks we will be uploading the visit we had with the band.

Thank you to Hannah Haines, of The Muse Box, for  providing the EP for review and setting up the visit we had with Jamie, Jenny, and Peter.

Join us for another fun episode, by listening above, at www.comicpoplibrary.com, or wait until later today and it will be up on our iTunes feed.

Remember if you have a novel, graphic novel, movie/television series or an indie band you want us to check out let us know by e-mailing us at admin@comicpoplibrary.com and we will put it in our review rotation list.  Also if you have a question or comment send us an e-mail at admin@comicpoplibrary.com and we will read it during a recording.  Thank you again for everyone that listens and supports us, we are steadily growing thanks to you.  So keep spreading the word about ComicPop Library to everyone you think might enjoy the show.

http://strangefruituk.com/ – Strangefruit’s Website

https://www.facebook.com/strangefruituk – Strangefruit’s Facebook Page

http://themusebox.net/ – The MuseBox’s Website

https://www.facebook.com/musebox – The MuseBox’s Facebook Page

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Haim Streaming New Song “Falling”

You should know HAIM by now. And if you don’t, you’re about to fall in love. They are three of the most badass chicks making music today, and they just happen to be sisters. HAIM began developing a huge following in 2012, and 2013 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for the band. They have just released their most recent single “Falling,” and with it you can rest assured that their forthcoming EP is going to be awesome.

Check out “Falling” below.