Seven Deadly Sins Trailer

If you enjoyed Fairy Tail you will see the similar animation style here in Seven Deadly Sins.  Looks to be another lighthearted fantasy romp from FUNimation.  Part one of season one is currently available if you like to get an early start on the series.  Usually I try to wait to see if they combine parts one and two into a single package.  I know you have to wait longer for it, but it just looks nicer on the shelf.  Anyway Seven Deadly Sins looks like a fun one to consider for your anime collections.  Here’s the trailer from FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Kodansha Comics now Digital


If you like your manga and comics in the digital format here is good news for you.  Kodansha Comics has made a deal with Comixology to distribute 350 titles on their digital platform, to include titles such as Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail.  Enjoy all that reading!

Fairy Tale Movie Trailer

Here is another one for the anime collection.  Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 10.  Thanks again to the “FUNimation” channel on YouTube for the trailer: