Aria Wunderland’s Single “Coup D’etat

Aria Wunderland is sharing her single “Coup D’etat” with our listeners.  I know that this is a politically charged single, but I’m not going to dwell on that aspect except to say that it doesn’t matter who has the reigns of authority they should always be questioned and have checks and balances.  With that “Coup D’etat” has an unsettling rhythm to it that I believe Aria was going for to have the listener have a sense of unease.  The vocals themselves are sometimes lost within the music with her singing at a level that is right at the same level as each other.  Here’s Aria Wunderland’s single “Coup D’etat” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Ninet’s Music Video for “Subservient”

Ninet is sharing with our listeners her music video for the single “Subservient”.  Ninet is currently working on her first U.S. album and has four album’s that she did in Israel.  With this single and music video Ninet will intrigue many and make others uncomfortable.  “Subservient” plays on the sexuality that many will recognize from Eyes Wide Shut and Shades of Grey.  The single has a very seductive feel to it and the music video is really well made.  I really enjoyed it, but it is definitely a mood piece.  So if you so desire, take a trip on the little darker side of life with Ninet’s “Subservient” music video through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Nilu’s Latest Single “What I’m Looking For”

Nilu is sharing with ComicPop again and this time it is with her single “What I’m Looking For”.  This time around Nilu gives the listener a bluesy experience with a little bit of skatting thrown in.  This is one that I can easily see performed in a blues club for all to enjoy.  So take a moment for Nilu’s “What I’m Looking For” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Get Tangled in Nilu’s “A Thousand Tangled Lies”


Nilu is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her single “A Thousand Tangled Lies”.  Nilu has also been featured on Grey’s Anatomy with her cover to “How to Save a Life” and on Pretty Little Liars.  “A Thousand Tangled Lies”, co-produced by Randy Jackson (American Idol) has been described as being enchanting and I can see why.  This single I could see firmly entrenched in a fantasy film or television series.  It just has that flow that you hear from music in that genre.  I love that the piano and, if I’m not wrong, cello are incorporated into the single and these two instruments just re-enforce that fantasyesque feel.  Nilu herself has a deep soulful sound that fits the single really well.  See what you think of Nilu’s “A Thousand Tangled Lies” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Sivan’s Thoughtful “I’ll Be” Single

effective immediately prsivan

Sivan reminds us all that the Earth is here for us in her powerful single and music video, “I’ll Be” that she is sharing with us.  However, we need to be here for the Earth as well and think about what we are doing for the future.  The single uses a simple catchy melody that conveys Sivan’s message well.  Sivan has a high range that she effectively uses in “I’ll Be”, but doesn’t overdue it.  Enjoy Sivan’s “I’ll Be” music video through her YouTube channel – Richard:

RYNO Delivers with “I’ll Take Forever”

effective immediately prRYNO1

RYNO is sharing with our listeners again with his latest single “I’ll Take Forever”.  RYNO just has one of those voices that appeals to the ear.  The style that he is bringing to his music fits him really well and makes it a joy to listen to him, the beat is just so upbeat which all of you know I enjoy me some upbeat tunes.  The single itself is one of those stories of someone taking to much time to act on ones feelings.  All of us have been there and can relate.  So let RYNO knock you over with “I’ll Take Forever” (through SoundCloud) from his upcoming EP The Pervade – Richard: