Oparu’s Lyric Video for “The Deep End”

“The Deep End” takes one on a journey like all relationships are.  Oparu gives us a 1990’s style single with the powerful instrumentals and electronic sound.  When she goes into the chorus of the single the music swells up over her sound as she is singing “deep end”.  For this song I believe that might be intentional, because in the deep end you tend to struggle as the water is washing over you, very nice symbolism.  The lyric video takes you on a journey as well through waterways and city scapes.   All around a very nice sound.  Here’s Oparu’s lyric video for “The Deep End” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Dia’s Music Video for “Gambling Girl”

Dia is sharing with our listeners her music video for her single “Gambling Girl”.  The music video will appeal to everyone that loves the Southwest feel and way of life.  The scenery is beautiful that goes with the haunting tones of Dia’s Gambling Girl”.  The style is experimental folk and because of this Dia knows many out there will take a look at her music and decide if they enjoy it.  To give you, our listeners, that chance to experience something new here is Dia’s “Gambling Girl” music video through Vimeo’s site – Richard:

Gambling Girl from robert condol on Vimeo.

The Urban Renewal Project’s “Armor Love”

The Urban Renewal Project is a collaborative of musicians that are lending their talents to an album of disco loving songs.  The single they are sharing with us is “Armor Love” that has that infectious beat that disco music has that makes you want to get up and dance.  “Armor Love” features the vocals of Gavin Turek which fit perfectly with this style of music.  The other aspect of this collaboration of musicians isn’t only about the feature vocals, but for me it is the variety of instrumentalists that lend their talent to the music.  The variety of instruments, which to me adds so much to a piece, is something you just don’t get much in today’s music.  But rest assured you do here so set back or should I say get on the dance floor with The Urban Renewal Project’s single “Armor Love” through SoundCloud – Richard: