Eileen Carey’s Music Video for “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey let our listeners check out her single “Good Bad Girl” a while back.  Now she wants everyone to enjoy her music video for the single.  This is just a fun country single to listen to and the director of the video has fun with the concept of the song.  Love the stogie and the lead character walking through the house and Eileen and her band is there singing.  So have fun as you watch Eileen Carey’s music video for her single “Good Bad Girl” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Eileen Carey’s Latest “Good Bad Girl”

Eileen Carey invites our listeners to join her on a fun ride with her latest single “Good Bad Girl”.  Eileen is still carrying through with a nice strong sound and upbeat country/pop beat with this single.  It’s just a fun catchy song to enjoy and I love the quote she has with this single:

“It’s perfectly fine for a girl to have a little mystery in her personality. We all have within us a little angel and a little devil. Most of the time, I play nice. But “Good Bad Girl” lets me show my more adventurous side.”

Here’s Eileen Carey’s single “Good Bad Girl” through SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy – Richard:

Eileen Carey’s Official Music Video for “In The Air”


Eileen Carey has been letting ComicPop listeners to watch an evolution of her single “In The Air”.  She has taken us from the audio file, to a lyric video, and now she is excited to share with us her official music video for this single.  In the video she has a couple dancing in scenes and her walking the street during other scenes.  The director kept he music video it light hearted which severs this single well.  Eileen has also started up a blog entitled The Music Mom that you might find interesting.  Here is the link for for here blog (   https://themusicmom.com/  ) and below is Elieen Carey’s music video for her single “In The Air” through her YouTube channel – Richard

Eileen Carey’s “In the Air” Lyric Video

KoralYoungLogo1in the air

In July Eileen Carey shared with us her single “In the Air”.  Today she wants to have the ComicPop Listeners check out her lyric video she has for her single.  Still love this upbeat song and I believe you will to so enjoy “In the Air” lyric video through Eileen Carey’s YouTube channel, so have some fun and sing along with her – Richard:

Eileen Carey’s Lovely Single “In The Air”


Eileen Carey is sharing with the ComicPop listeners again.  This time it is for her latest single “In the Air”.  This will appeal to you if enjoy Pop or Country music, Eileen’s style. for this single, is squarely in the Pop/Country genre.  A great Summer love song for everyone to enjoy.  So what are you waiting for and give Eileen Carey’s “In The Air” a listen through SoundCloud – Richard:

Eileen Carey gives us “Faith”


Eileen Carey gives everyone a little “Faith”, her latest single  Eileen is firmly entrenched in the country/pop style with this single.  Even though the song has serious overtones it is performed and sung in an upbeat style that makes the song fun and meant to be uplifting.  She wants everyone to check out her music video for “Faith” by sharing it with the ComicPop listeners through her YouTube channel – Richard: