Rampage Trailer

Dwayne Johnson is one of those actors that I just enjoy watching.  He can be intense yet funny, which I believe is why he has so many fans.  With his turn in Rampage it looks to be another fun adventure ride this coming April.  Thanks to Movieclips Trailers channel for the following trailer:

Doc Savage Feature Names Lead

Doc SavageDoc Savage 1

I can see this.  Doc Savage has always been a pulp hero that doesn’t take itself to seriously and with Dwayne Johnson as Doc, to me is a nice piece of casting.  Johnson can be serious, but he can also be fun so I think this could work and don’t make it to cheesy of a movie in general.  Thanks to Nicole Bunge over at ICv2 for this info.

Hercules Trailer


If you are into mythology then Hercules might be for you.  Dwayne Johnson takes on the role this time around.  Thanks to the YouTube channel “MOVIECLIPS Trailers” for the following trailer: