Star Trek Discovery Trailer

For all our Star Trek fans and science fiction fans in general here’s the latest trailer for Star Trek Discovery.  CBS All Access falls in the same category as the Netflix series that Marvel has on that platform.  We, as a family, have chosen not to do the multi-platforms and just hope they shows will eventually hit Blu-ray/DVD.  But for all of you that get to watch it when it hits have fun.  Thanks to the Star Trek YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Myth Busters Start Season with Star Wars Theme

If you are into Star Wars and/or Myth Busters you will want to check out the Myth Busters premiere.  The season premiere of Myth Busters will have a Star Wars theme.  So mark your calendar for the time it airs tomorrow on the Discovery Channel at 8:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m.  CT.  Thanks to the “Discovery” YouTube Channel for providing the trailer below: