Digimon Invade Animate Cafe


If you are going to be in the Ikebukuro, Japan area you will want to visit the Animate Cafe starting November 17th.  Starting on the 17th the Cafe will have a special themed menu from the cast and creatures from the upcoming Digimon Adventure tri.  Besides have special menu items the Cafe will be giving out complementary items as well.  If you order a food item you will receive a Digimon bookmark and if you order a drink item you will receive a Digimon coaster.  Cool promotional.

New Digimon being Released


Toei Animation is streaming the trailer for Digimon Saikai, the first in a planned 6 part movie series of new Digimon adventures.  With the popularity I’m sure these will eventually hit the North American market, the only question will be when.

Digimon World – Next Order Teaser


If you are a Digimon World fan you will be a happy person in 2016.  Bandai Namco Entertainment has begun streaming a teaser trailer for the upcoming Digimon World – Net Order game for the Playstation Vita.

Nicktoons has Digital World


Nicktoons Network has announced that it will be debuting the second season for Digimon Fusion on March 8.  So all you wanting to catch a ride to the DigiWorld take heed.

Digimon is Back

For all you Card Gamers out there, Bandai is trying again with Digimon as a CCG.  The card game is called Digimon Fusion and is planned for a January release date.  It is based along the lines of the current show on Nickelodeon.  There will be two theme packs (Red and Blue), which will contain 40 cards and have a suggested retail price of $9.99.  There will also be a 60 card set that will be sold in Booster Packs with a suggested price of $3.50.  So here you go collectors more cards for you and you Digimon fans enjoy!

New Digimon

Sony, through Bandai Namco Games is scheduled to release Digimon World: Re:Digitize game on July 19.  The game will be available for the PSP system.  Thanks to AnimeNews Network and YouTube for the following trailer: