Defenders Trailer


Netflix is getting ready for the Defenders event.  Check out the trailer for Marvel’s Defenders, from Netflix’ YouTube channel, looks nice:

Biggest Production Deal Made

Marvel/Disney strikes a deal with New York and Netflix.  In the deal filming will begin on four Marvel series: Daredevil; Jessica Jones; Luke Cage; Iron Fist; plus a mini-series to wrap up the first season of all four of these series entitled Defenders.  All told it will be approximately 60 episodes total and Netflix will role out the series in 2015.

Disney Inks Deal with Netflix

Disney has inked a deal with Netflix for some Disney’s Marvel Characters.  Netflix will air four original series for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist and then also a miniseries for Defenders.  The first series will make it’s debut in 2015 and is planned to be Daredevil.