Vixen Season 2 Trailer

The CW Seed is giving everyone season 2 of Vixen.  I enjoy how they have included this animated series in with the TV shows.  Check out season 2’s trailer from CW’s YouTube channel:

Black Lightening Trailer

This looks good!  CW Network is still bring us our DC Comics superhero goodness and this time it’s Black Lightening.  This looks to fit in seamlessly with the other CW superhero shows.  I’m having so much fun seeing all of this comic book and science fiction goodness hitting the small screen and big screen!  Here’s the trailer through IGN’s YouTube channel:

Warner & DC Comics Providing Content to Digital Platform

ICv2 is reporting that DC Comics and their parent company Warner Bros. are producing a live action Titans television series and will bring back the Young Justice animated series.  This will be done on a new DC branded direct-to-consumer digital platform and will debut in 2018.  This is great and I hope they will put them out to market for consumers to purchase to place within libraries for all of us that can’t afford all this different digital platforms that all the companies are starting up, because you know their will probably be a fee.

Justice League Trailer

You know this was going to be on here today.  The Justice League trailer was dropped this past weekend and here it is through MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Wonder Woman Trailer

Wonder Woman is looking to be a good movie!  So much goodness coming our way again this year.  Thanks to MovieClips Trailers for the trailer:

DC Comics Rebirth Trailer

The DC Comics Rebirth volume 1’s of all of their titles will be hitting the shelves these next couple of months for everyone to pick and choose for their library collections.  Thanks to DC Comics YouTube channel for the following trailer:

Justice League Dark Official Trailer


IGN on YouTube has begun streaming the Justice League Dark trailer.  If it holds true this will be the second “R” rated DC animated movie.  But lets be honest to have a decent horror movie it needs to be an “R” rating otherwise you loose some of the story elements that can’t exist in a “PG-13” or lower rated movie:

75th Anniversary for DC Comics Green Arrow


Another one of DC Comic’s characters is celebrating his 75th Anniversary.  This time it is Green Arrow.  Here is the video that DC Comic’s YouTube channel has made to show Green Arrow and all the incarnations through the years: