Kelsey Kerrigan’s Single “Driving Around”

Kelsey Kerrigan want’s everyone to take a listen to her single “Driving Around”.  This single has an upbeat driving beat that gets the listener interested from the start.  The style is kind of a pop infused folk sound.  This is one that you would throw into the car and as the title suggests just listen to as you’re driving around.  It’s one of those songs that gets your head to bobbing.  The ending will catch you by surprise, but as a whole I enjoyed it.  Here’s Kelsey Kerrigan’s single “Driving Around” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Vacances Single “Human”

Vacances is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his single “Human”.  Vacances has with this single has that 1980’s style synth/pop going.  When he first came in with the lyrics my mind went straight to a similar sound as Human League.  Like most of these types of songs his voice is blending in with the instrumentals.  This is a fine line that Vacances will have to watch.  With “Human” he stays at the appropriate level of being right above the instrumentals.  But with his softer voice he will have to watch the power of the instrumentals so they don’t over take his voice.  Like I said though with “Human” it is working.  So check out Vacances’ “Human” through SoundCloud – Richard:

THANKS Single “Your Man”

THANKS is sharing with ComicPop Library listeners their single ‘Your Man”, with Sam Sparro.  “Your Man” is a fun single that has a playful sound to it that I love.  With the rhythm of this song being as catchy as it is you won’t be able to keep your head from bobbin’.  When you get into the chorus it really reminds me of Prince and how he sang.  Have some fun and give THANKS’ electro/pop single “Your Man” a listen, through SoundCloud, you’ll be glad you did – Richard:

Ben Talmi’s Lyric Video for “Play”


Ben Talmi, recently signed with Communion Records, is sharing his lyric video, for his single “Play”, with our listeners.  This single starts out sounding like a type of lullaby feel to it and then the chorus takes you into a more pop beat, but still at a slower rhythm.  When you watch the lyric video, individuals with seizures might be aware that the way the video is spliced together it has kind of a strobe effect.  Also with the video, and I wonder if this was intentional because the way the song feels, when you get to the chorus many will see the influence of Sesame Street with the pronunciation shadows.  Here’s Ben Talmi’s “Play” lyric video through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Japanese Wallpaper’s Music Video for “Cocoon”

solitaire logojapanese wallpaper

Japanese Wallpaper, Gab Strum, gives us a peaceful melody in it’s music video for the single “Cocoon”.  It is an electronic piece, but the rhythm is so gentle and the vocals are sung in a melodic way that just puts me in a peaceful place.  If you are stress out this single would alleviate it.  The music video is snapshots of different places in nature that also lends to that peaceful harmonious feel.  Really enjoyed this and I think you will to.  Here’s Japanese Wallpaper’s “Cocoon” music video from Zero Through Nine’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Heartracer Sings about Their “Dream Girl”


Heartracer is sharing with the ComicPop listeners their electro/pop single “Dream Girl”.  This single has a kinetic energy that will make your body want to move with the rhythm.  The single would fit well in a dance club.  Heartracer is made up of brothers Chip and Chris Cosby and you  can tell they were influenced from the 1980’s style of music.  Very fun to listen to and a solid electro/pop single.  Enjoy Heartracer’s “Dream Girl”, through SoundCloud, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next – Richard:

Funeral Suits’ Music Video for “The Way Back”


Funeral Suits’ shared their single “The Way Back” with the ComicPop listeners a couple of weeks ago.  Since then they have made a music video for the single and they wanted our listeners to get a chance to view it.  Here is the music video, from the Funeral Suits’ YouTube channel, for their single “The Way Back” – Richard:

Funeral Suits Find “The Way Back”

funeral suits1

Funeral Suits is sharing with the ComicPop listeners again and this time it is to me an experimental rock single entitled “The Way Back”.  Even at the very beginning the band is playing around with a little bit of a Steam Punk feel with the radio transmission waves.  Check out “The Way Back” Funeral Suits’ latest single on their YouTube channel – Richard:

Jesse Mac Cormack’s “After the Glow” Music Video

sneak attack media logojesse

Jesse Mac Cormack is giving us a moody track with “After the Glow’.  This is one that slows the pace down with a darker moodier feel.  This single is one that I can see people playing after a relationship has gone quite according to plan and you are just down at that moment.  Check out the music video, for “After the Glow” that Jesse is sharing with us through Secret City Records YouTube channel – Richard:

Dannika Wants to be “Next to You”

solitaire logodannika

Dannika is sharing with the ComicPop listeners “Next to You” from her upcoming EP For Peaches.  This one will be a little bit of an acquired taste for some people.  It really reminded me of something that would come out of the “Flower Power/Hippie culture.  There is a uniqueness to this single that reminds me of that time period where friends would gather in a field to “relax”.  I think most of you out there will know what I’m alluding to with that term.  Here is Dannika’s “Next to You” through SoundCloud – Richard: