Emmaline Muchmore’s Single “Solid”


Emmaline Muchmore is sharing with our listeners her latest single “Solid”.  From the very first beat you know that Emmaline is putting forth a power house of a single.  It comes in with that heavy bass beat and then when she comes in with her vocals it has that fierce quality to it that fits great.  From fans of the 1970’s shows like Starsky & Hutch will recognize in some of the single’s instrumentals shades of these type of shows soundtrack mixed in, which was fun for me to hear.  And to be honest “Solid” would fit right in to a soundtrack of that type of show easily.  For me this was a fun and sassy song for having such a strong sound to it.  Here’s Emmaline Muchmore’s “Solid” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Alexis & The Samurai’s Single “Dogs”


Alexis & The Samurai are sharing their single, “Dogs”, with our listeners.  This is a very clean acoustical single that has a fun beat to it.  It’s lighthearted and it goes in a variety of directions in tempos.  You have an intermingling with folk and pop.  The folk sound is evident in the verse and the pop really comes through in the chorus.  Then you get to go on a piano journey with them towards the end of the single.  The voices of the duo blend well with their harmonies and they are really fun to listen to. I’m interested in what they will do next, but until then have a fun lighthearted journey with Alexis & The Samurai’s single “Dogs” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Jody Quine Encourages All to “Stand Up”


Jody Quine is letting our listeners have a listen to her latest single “Stand Up”.  “Stand Up” is a powerful single that encourages the listener to “stand up” for themselves and others.  This is a ballad that I believe all can enjoy especially if they pay attention to the lyrics.  “Stand Up” isn’t an overpowering song, but it is a powerful song with a great folk/blues blend for the listener to enjoy.  This single is also the title track from Jody’s Stand Up album so enjoy “Stand Up” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Alice Underground Digs “Superman”!

cyberpr1alice Underground

Alice Underground is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her jazzy new single “Superman”.  This is a fun song for fans of old school Jazz.  Alice has a clear sultry voice that hits all the right notes and scats beautifully.  Within the song their is a clear homage to Superman with the old theme song reflected in the single at certain points.  This one hits our flavors perfectly especially how can it not with the title of “Superman”. I had to include the music video, even though it has no imagery of Superman, because it is just a fun video and the night club scene being in black and the pop of red gives a call out that is very subtle. Plus the video is just fun to watch, almost like you are watching Dancing with the Stars.  Enjoy Alice Underground’s “Superman” through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Save the World’s “Bleed’ Music Video


Save the World bleeds for us in their music video “Bleed”.  This is a hard rocking tune that the music video fits well.  The single and video is about how a person can feel betrayed and then that person recentering themselves and taking control back in their life.  Rock it out with Save the World’s music video for “Bleed” they are sharing through their YouTube channel – Richard:

Parker Harrison Discovers “Love Changes Everything”


Parker Harrison is sharing with the ComicPop listeners his single “Love Changes (Everything)”  “Love Changes” is from his upcoming EP Clear Conscience, which will be released May 16.  With “Love Changes” is clearly a homage to the Summer feel good songs of the 1970’s.  With being a child of the ’70’s this hits my wheel house perfectly.  Have fun listening to “Love Changes (Everything)”, through SoundCloud, and give Parker you support come May 16 with his Clear Conscience EP release – Richard

Shehzad Bhanji’s Music Video for “Never Say Goodbye


Shehzad Bhanji takes our listeners on a journey with his instrument of choice, the electric guitar.  Shehzad is sharing with us his music video for his single “Never Say Goodbye”.  Shehzad is an instrumentalist that lets his guitar speak in his music.  Most of you will recognized this type of music that was popularized by Carlos Santana.  Shehzad is carrying on that tradition well.  Check out “Never Say Goodbye’s” Music Video from Shehzad Bhanji’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Peter Calandra takes us through “Night City”


We get something a little different with the music video “Night City”.  Peter Calandra is sharing his latest composition with the ComicPop listeners.  “Night City” is an instrumental piece that doesn’t have a hard driving beat, but has an uplifting feel to it that will keep the listeners interested.  I for one love instrumental music and the montage of photos that compose the music video fit really well.  Thanks to Peter for sharing the music video “Night City” through his YouTube channel – Richard:

Dead Rock West “Used to Love You” Cover


If you love the 1950’s – ’60’s and specifically the Everly Brothers then you will love Dead Rock West’s latest single “Used to Love You”.  “Used to Love You” and their album It’s Everly Time is a tribute to the Everly Brothers where they cover a selection of their singles.  Cindy Wasserman and Frank Lee Drennen have that natural harmony that fits “Used to Love You” perfectly.  You can’t just beat the fun loving beat that the single has even though it is a break up song.  Dead Rock West is sharing their music video for “Used to Love You” to the ComicPop Library listens and be sure to look for them on you favorite digital music vendors to download It’s Everly Time.  Enjoy the video – Richard:

Zaza Releases Her Single “Fashion Girl”


Zaza is hitting the HipHop world with her single “Fashion Girl”.  Zaza’s rap is very crisp and clear for the listener to fully experience her voice.  When the chorus comes in she delivers as well.  Sometimes as with any genre of music singers can slur their words, but not with “Fashion Girl”.  Like I said very crisp and clear.  I also like that the rhythm is kept to a nice simple beat, you don’t always have to be extravagant to have a fun song that fans can sing along with.  Zaza is sharing “Fashion Girl” through SoundCloud for the ComicPop listeners to enjoy – Richard: