Mt. Wolf’s “The Electric” Lyric Video

Mt. Wolf is sharing with our listeners their single “The Electric” lyric video.  Mt. Wolf’s lead singer has a nice bass register voice.  This can be a little limiting as I know first hand as a bass as well.  The styles of music you sing you have to sing well or it just won’t come off good.  With “The Electric” Mt. Wolf knows where they want to be for this single and hit it out of the park for me.  The beginning and and ending are a little drawn out that some might not have the patience for, but the lyric video really assists the single in this instance.  For the lyric video the director used old military films for the background and it works really well.  To me Mt. Wolf’s style is a folk/pop sound for this single and I’m interested in what else they might put out on their as yet un-titled album that is in the works.  Mt. Wolf has also been confirmed for SXSW this year so check them out if you will be attending.  Until then here’s Mt. Wolf’s lyric video for “The Electric” through CRC Music’s YouTube channel – Richard: