Christopher Hawley’s Single “9 Tattoos”

“9 Tattoos” is a fun song by Christopher Hawley.  It has a great light hearted rhythm that brings a smile to my face, right out of the box.  It is also, what Logan and I would consider, a story song, which we both love.  The lyrics that Christopher sings progresses in a linear fashion.  This single reminds for what Paul Simon did with “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”.  It’s just a fun single.  You probably heard Christopher’s music if you caught it spotlighted on The Good Guys and NFL AM.  I definitely want to hear more from Christopher.  See if you can stop yourself from groovin’ and singing with Christopher Hawley’s “9 Tattoos” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Flatliners Trailer

Yet another remake of an older movie.  Will this Flatliners be decent like the first one.  They have updated it and changed some things, but the core concept of the story is still there.  You have to wonder…why are they taking on Kevin Bacon?  I’ll check it out just cause I love horror flicks.  Here’s the trailer from MovieClips Trailers YouTube channel:

Brad Byrd’s Music Video for “Highest Mountain”

Brad Byrd has that mid-range baritone voice that is easy to listen to.  With “Highest Mountain” he is working that mix of pop/country, with the pop sound being the most prominent style.  It kind of falls in between genres like John Denver’s music did, it’s pop but not quite pop and it’s country but not quite country.  For me this style works and I enjoyed the single with the instrumentals and vocals working really well together to fit Brad’s voice.  Brad’s music has been feature on The New Girl, Happy Endings, American Housewife, Ben & Kate, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The music video fits the single with it taking place on an actual mountain.  It is also interesting that the director used a drone in the mountain’s to get the shots for the video.  Here’s Brad Byrd’s music video “Highest Mountain” from his album by the same name – Richard:

In This Corner of the World Trailer

In This Corner of the World might be in the style of old school anime, but it looks to be a really well done movie.  It is getting an August 11 release in select theaters and then I’m sure it will move into it’s DVD/Blu-ray sales for North America.  This will be one that, if given a chance, will appeal to people that might not really watch anime.  Here’s the subbed trailer through FUNimation’s YouTube channel:

Beachwood Coyotes’ “Face to Face” Single

Beachwood Coyotes is sharing with our listeners their single “Face to Face”.  I really enjoy the beat of this single.  The rhythm gets you going and into the song right away.  The vocals by the group during the chorus are right on that edge of being overpowered by the instrumentals.  Their vocals blend really well with the music and I’m sure the mixer for Beachwood Coyotes’ songs is making sure that, that line isn’t crossed.  There are times when having vocals that blend well can be a blessing and a curse with that fine line, but the band stays true in this single.  Here’s Beachwood Coyotes’ single “Face to Face” through SoundCloud and be sure to keep an eye out for their EP Scrubby – Richard:

IDW’s Next Hasbro Event

IDW and Hasbro has joined forces this past year to bring together Hasbro’s toy properties as a shared comic book universe, in the Revolutions storyline.  The next event were G.I. Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Rom, and Micronauts share is entitled First Strike.  For floppy collectors you will be able to start picking this up with a #0 issue at your comic stores now.  For collectors and libraries that prefer collected editions you know that IDW will more than likely do so for this event later this year.

Ep 78 ComicPop Visits with Russ Emanuel, Director of the Feature Film “Occupants”

Ep 78 ComicPop Visits with Russ Emanuel, Director of the Feature Film “Occupants”

Russ Emanuel is back with exciting news!  His feature film Occupants has a distributor and it is available to purchase in the North American market!  As we visit with Russ about this exciting news we also talk about Occupants, as spoiler free as possible.  Russ also discusses some of his projects he is working on.

What we visited about in this episode:

  1. Occupants, Russ Emanuel – director, Cinedigm, 2015.  ASIN: B06X6G3TZ6, $7.87.

Music clips:

  1. “Strangers Like Me”, Tarzan Soundtrack, Phil Collins, Walt Disney Records, 1999.
  2. “One Call Away”, Nine Track Mind, Charlie Puth, Artist Partner Group, 2016.


Occupants the Movie Website

Russ Emanuel’s Website

Russ Emanuel’s Facebook Page

Mike Mundy’s Facebook Page

ComicPop Library’s Facebook Page

Bryan Stave’s Single “Monday Song”


“Monday Song” is an infectious song.  Bryan Stave hit’s it out of the park on this one for me.  The song is fun and upbeat, with lyrics that are just as fun to listen to.  “Monday Song” is one I can listen to over and over again and not get tired of it, to much fun!  If this song doesn’t get your head to bobbin’ and your foot to tappin’ I don’t know what will.  Even though I’m a day off on when I’m posting this have a listen to Bryan Stave’s single “Monday Song” and brighten up your day with some fun music.  Here it is through SoundCloud – Richard:

Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection Trailer

Resurrection is the 10th book in Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant Series.  This is one that I missed and looks like I will be going back and picking up.  It looks interesting and for a series to be at it’s 10th book something is going for it.  Here’s the trailer for Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection through HarperCollins Publishers Australia YouTube channel:

Upright Man’s Single “Upright Man”

You are invited to dream with the “Upright Man” single from the Upright Man.  This group is coming to ComicPop to deliver their rock single for everyone to enjoy.  “Upright Man” takes you back to the 1970’s with the single’s sound.  The single has a hard driving beat that gets you into the music right away and for us old schoolers it harkens back to our school days.  The rhythms are a call back to the 70’s and then the vocals bring that feeling home with the waviness that the group infuses in the single.  The group’s self-titled album is due out on August 18, but they want our listeners to get an opportunity to hear their sound now.  I think you’ll dig it, so here’s Upright Man with their single “Upright Man”, from the upcoming album Upright Man, through SoundCloud – Richard: