Ep 58 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Emma Ballantine

Ep 58 ComicPop Rockin’ in the Dirt with Emma Ballantine

The ComicPop Crew takes a look at a special musical project.  Emma Ballantine has taken stories that people have relayed to her and she has set them to song.  These are very personal stories and songs that have resonance.  One song in particular, “Through Your Eyes”, hits home for us here at ComicPop.  So join us as we discuss Emma Ballantine’s Somebody’s Story EP.  Thanks to Charlotte Gomes, of Project Light Agency, for the continued support.

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What we reviewed in this episode:

  1. Somebody’s Story EP, Emma Ballantine, Emma Ballantine, 2017.

Music clips used in this episode:

  1. “Harmonise”, Somebody’s Story EP, Emma Ballantine, Emma Ballantine, 2017.
  2. “Rockin’ Robin”, Bobby Day, Class, 1958.
  3. “Secret Tunnel”, Somebody’s Story EP, Emma Ballantine, Emma Ballantine, 2017.


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Dani Robert’s Music Video for “Clouds”

Dani Robert is sharing her debut music video with us entitled “Clouds”.  Dani goes to a softer level of voice for this single because of the nature of the song.  It is a slower pop single that tells the story of childhood love developing into an adult relationship and deciding to take a leap and confess that love or being to scared to confess.  This story will resonate with several people, because whether it is a long friendship or new one that moment when an individual wants to confess deeper feelings is a scary moment, in fear of rejection.  But one never knows until it is acted upon.  The instrumentals in this single backup Dani really nicely and don’t over power her voice in the telling of this story.  The music video is really well constructed with shots of her intermixed with the growing couple in the song.  Check out Dain Robert’s music video “Clouds” here through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Hannah Featherstone’s Music Video for “Solo”

Hannah Featherstone is giving us “Solo” for our listeners to check out.  In this single Hannah plays with a slower smoother tempo that you get through some Jazz pieces.  The staccato beat the single carries the listener through the slower jazzy parts of the single.  The blending sounds strange, but it works here.  The video features Hannah with a static filter to keep the watcher interested in the flow.  Here’s Hannah Featherstone’s music video for “Solo” through her YouTube channel – Richard:

Haneri’s Music Video for “Burning Up”

Haneri is sharing with our listeners her latest “Buring Up” singles music video.  Haneri is venturing well into the pop arena with this single.  The music has a 1980’s style to it and her voice comes through nice and clear, with just a bit of smokiness to it, which makes for a great listening experience.  The song takes on a serious message about abusive relationships, but wraps it up in a catchy rhythm that captures the listeners attention.  Ryan Tan directed the video for Haneri which she is also the lead in.  The video takes her and the watcher on a journey from her apartment through the city discovering that some things aren’t always what they seem.  Very well done all the way around and I can’t wait to see what else Haneri shares.  Here’s “Burning Up” Haneri’s music video through her YouTube channel for you to enjoy – Richard:

Rebecca Raw’s Single “Connection”

Rebecca Raw has just released her EP Deep Within and she wants to share with our listeners her single “Connection” from the EP.  Rebecca has a very nice clear voice that she spotlights in this single well.  The style for “Connection” is, to me, a pop/folk feel.  The build-up she has in “Connection” hits right on point, almost like a wave washing over you and then she slows it back down to finish the single.  I enjoyed this single and can’t wait to her what else she has on her EP.  So be sure to check your digital vendor of choice to look for her EP Deep Within.  Until then here’s Rebecca Raw’s single “Connection” through SoundCloud for you to enjoy – Richard:

Emma Ballantine Single “Through Your Eyes”

Emma Ballantine is sharing with us a project she began with her singing/songwriting abilities.  This project is entitled Somebody’s Story, which is also her latest EP title.  The project is taking life stories that individuals have told her and she is putting them to song.  The single she is sharing with us today is “Through Your Eyes”, which is a story about a 14 year old that has autism.  If you have been listening to our podcasts for a while you will now this, but for newer listeners, the world of autism hits my family close to home with my Son being on the autism spectrum with aspergers.  The single is an emotional ballad for anyone (parent, sibling, or other loved one) that has experienced autism in their family.  The EP Somebody’s Story is available and you can get it from your digital vendor of choice.  One such vendor is iTunes where it has reached the #4 slot for the singer/songwriter charts.  Take a moment to listen to Emma Ballantine’s “Through Your Eyes” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Julia Carlucci’ Music Video for “Take Me Down”

Julia Carlucci is wanting our listeners to enjoy her music video for “Take Me Down”.  “Take Me Down” has a nice bass beat that fits well with Julia’s lower range/smokey voice.  It’s not a rough smokey voice, but a smooth smokey voice that one usually has that sings in a lower register.  Loved the brass during the bridge between the verses.  Then during the latter part of the single there is a clapping section that for me did a call back to Spiderbait’s “Black Betty” and how it was structured.  The music video it self is pretty much a straight up performance video, but it is really clean and I enjoyed how they went to the specific sections of the band when they were being spotlighted during the song.  Here’s Julia Carlucci’s music video for “Take Me Down” – Richard:

Bianca Rose’s Music Video for “Because of Love”

Bianca Rose is sharing with the ComicPop listeners her single “Because of Love”, that features Cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson.  “Because of Love” is a romantic ballad that steers you through love and when the Cello comes in it brings the single to a new height.  I would love to just have Bianca and Ayanna do an acoustic version of this song with just the two women and that is it, I think it would be beautiful.  The music video is directed with a classic clean look from the director.  Here’s Bianca Rose’s music video for “Because of Love” featuring Ayanna Witter-Johnson through Bianca’s YouTube channel – Richard:

Taylor Noelle’s Soulful Single “I Fall”

Taylor Noelle is sharing with our listeners her single “I Fall”.  She has a very nice sound with a clear alto range voice, which is spot lighted in “I Fall”.  If this single is an indication Taylor’s music will fall within that pop/country music.  It will appeal to both listeners really well.  I really enjoy hearing other instruments when I listen to music so the prominent us of the violin was really appreciated.  You can get this single and her other music with her EP Out of My System which you can find through your digital vendors.  Until then Taylor Noelle wants you to enjoy her single “I Fall” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Miriam Single “Be There For Me”

Project Light Agency Logomiriam

Miriam is sharing with our listeners her debut single “Be There for Me”.  This single has a very nice catchy rhythm that gets you into the song quickly.  Miriam’s solid vocals add to the listening pleasure as she delivers a great sounding Soul infused Pop or Pop infused Soul single, depending on your outlook.  Miriam has released her EP Heart to Heart that features “Be There for Me” so you can support her by looking her up on your digital downloader for here album.  So for a taste of her Heart to Heart EP here is Miriam’s single “Be There for Me” through SoundCloud – Richard: