Cado’s Latest Single “Kintsugi”

Cado is back and sharing with our listeners with their latest rap single “Kintsugi”.  This single has a nice airy feel to it with the instrumentals and clapping.  The message is a little more down to reality with things that are happening around a person and the decision to move forward and try to make change hence the verse “Gotta fix it when it’s broken…positivity is king”, don’t necessarily live in the past.  The vocals for Cado are still clear and come through nicely.  Here’s Cado’s latest single “Kintsugi” through SoundCloud – Richard:

Cado’s Latest Single “Say Sumthin”

Cado is sharing his latest single “Say Sumthin”.  This single takes on a more lyrical vibe that spoken vibe.  As with any type of music rap has it’s different styles that artists use.  Most people are used to the spoken rap, but Cado is using the rhythm of the instrumentals to do what I call a lyrical rap, where the vocalist is doing a style that is midway between a spoken rap and just pure singing a single.  The voice is clear and works well with this lyrical style and is a nice change of pace.  You can check out Cado’s “Say Sumthin” on spotity ( Say Sumth ) or right here through SoundCloud – Richard:

Cado’s Premiere of the First Single “A.M.”


The rap duo from Boston Cado has graciously allowed ComicPop Library the premiere of their first single “A.M.” featuring Eventide.  “A.M.” is from their upcoming “FREE WIFI” project.  This is one where the single is not an in your face type of single.  It has a very nice flowing rhythm that I could listen to just by itself.  The lyrics are nice and clear and isn’t muddled at all.  Cado is making sure you get to hear all of their music, which some artists aren’t overly concerned about.  For some the lyrics might be a little rough, but this should not be a surprise within the rap industry.  This is one that got my head to bobbing and really enjoyed.  Cado wants you to check it out so they have provided a link through SoundCloud for the ComicPop listeners to enjoy.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.  Here’s Cado’s “A.M.” featuring Eventide – Richard: