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Feb 24

Space Dandy AMV

It time for some fun and it is dialed up with this AMV from Shin AMV’s YouTube channel.  “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars, is used with a great editing job of the anime Space Dandy.  So lets have some fun with “Just Funkin’ Dandy – Space Dandy AMV – Best in Show …

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Apr 30

Shownotes Ep. 33 of ComicPop Library

1) Looper, Rian Johnson (Director), Sony, 2012.  ASIN: B005LAII8A, $30.99. 2) Right Place, Right Time Deluxe Edition, Olly Murs, Sony Import, 2012.  ASIN: B00916TU00, $18,86. Other mentions: “What a Buzz”; “Army of Two”; Back to the Future; Godfather; Jedi Force; Inception; Psycho Records; Epic; Flo Rider; “Dance with me Tonight”; “Heart Skips a Beat”; Rizzle …

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Nov 29

AMV of the Week

This weeks AMV comes from YouTuber xwiz89.  Xwiz89 takes the song “Just the Way You Are”, performed by Bruno Mars and edits it to two different anime.  One of the anime is Nyan Koi and the other is Bakemonogatari.  The editing is not done to match up the lyrics of the song.  What is done …

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